Gel Batteries Up to 100Ah

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When you’re looking for a quality caravan battery for sale, start with the top brands in our range. We sell the most popular battery brands including Victron, Power-Sonic and Mastervolt. Find the best power solutions and battery sizes for your caravan setup.


Caravan Batteries for Sale

Need a battery you can trust to power your appliances even in the harsh Aussie environment? We have a range of quality caravan batteries for sale that will do just that.
After all, choosing between caravan batteries for sale shouldn’t be confusing! Choose a model by one of our most popular brands including Victron, Power-Sonic and Mastervolt.

Why Buy Gel Batteries?

If you’re deciding between caravan batteries for sale, a gel battery offers lots of benefits at an affordable price. With electrolyte mixed into a paste between the lead plates, gel batteries offer the non-spilling and non-gassing properties that you’ll find in an AGM deep cycle counterpart.

Don’t go past the Power-Sonic Deep Cycle Gel (DCG) range for your off-road adventures. This range is designed for tighter space requirements, higher temperature environments and is able to withstand higher levels of vibration. Gel batteries also provide sustained power and produce no gas when charging, making them ideal for your caravan, camper trailer, 4WD, motor home or boat.

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