Gel Batteries 201Ah and Above

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If you are looking for a battery you can trust to get the job done, you can’t go past a Victron battery. Victron Energy has one of the widest varieties of solar and battery products of any manufacturer. Add to that a seemingly unlimited combination of add-ons and accessories, and Victron makes it easy to create the power setup you want in your RV, caravan or off-grid setup.


Victron Battery For Every Adventure

Victron is one of the biggest manufacturers in the Caravan/RV market of solar, batteries and battery accessories. They offer online support and training to ensure you know everything about running your newest electronical system. Plus, these high quality products come with reliable warranties, and great after market support.

What You’ll Love About a Victron Battery

When you buy a Victron battery, you get a whole heap of great features that make it easier to power your adventures. The GEL model range offers the best deep cycle durability and overall longer life, making it a great value option. Victron only uses high purity materials and lead calcium grids so that its GEL products have particularly low self-discharge and will not go flat during long periods without charge. The rate of self-discharge is less than 2% per month at 20°C! So, your Victron battery can be stored for up to a year without recharging, if kept under cool conditions. Victron batteries are also backed by Victron's 2-year world-wide warranty, making them a great value for money option.