Dual Zone Portable Fridge Freezers

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Want to travel with chilled and frozen food and drink on your next trip? A dual zone fridge freezer is what you need. Our range of portable dual zone fridge freezers are super convenient, allowing you the best of both worlds – a fridge and a freezer in one!

The Most Versatile Cooling Solution

What makes portable dual zone fridge freezers so popular in caravan, camping and 4x4 applications? The unit can be operated as a fridge/fridge, freezer/freezer or fridge/freezer, making it ideal for all applications and trip durations.

Cook up and freeze meals for later. Keep vegetables fresher for longer. Don’t worry about throwing away milk and yoghurt in warm weather. A dual zone fridge freezer will transform the way you eat, drink and store food on your next big adventure.

Dual zone fridge freezers are available from top-name brands including Dometic Waeco, Evakool, Companion and myCOOLMAN. All the products are designed for convenience, quality – especially with harsh conditions of the great Australian outdoors. Choose your size from 43 litres up to 96 litres. You’ll wonder how you ever travelled without one!