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Need help? Upright Caravan Fridges Buyer's Guide

Here at My Generator we love to provide value for money for our customers! Which is why we offer bonus items with our Dometic Upright Caravan Fridge range including Cool-Ice Iceboxes, Thermo Tumblers, Towing Mirrors or a Gas Level Indicator depending on the model you choose!

These bonus items are the perfect accessories for your 4WD, camping or caravan adventures.

The Upright Dometic Caravan Fridge range includes 12/24 volt & 240 Volt Compressor Driven models as well as 3-Way Absorption (12V, 240V, Gas) models. This video HERE helps explain the differences between the two types of RV Fridges.


Dometic Compressor Fridges

The Dometic Compressor Driven RV refrigerator series provides outstanding energy efficient refrigeration for built-in mobile applications. Their operation is reliable even in tilted positions and high ambient temperatures.

They work economically, quietly and are ideal to run with solar panels. The various models satisfy all mobile fridge requirements, there is a matching refrigerator for every size of vehicle and for every situation. With a modern stylish exterior, plus well organised and practical interior, the Dometic upright compressor fridge range is the logical choice for your caravan, motorhome, yacht or boat.

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