DC to DC Converters Non Isolated

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DC to DC Voltage Converters Non-Isolated:

If you're looking to convert a source of direct current from one voltage to another you will need a DC to DC Voltage Converter. Non-Isolated DC to DC Voltage Converters are more common than their counterparts and also are cheaper. These converters are cheaper because they do not use a transformer and have one less output rectifier than Galvanic Isolation converters.

There is one thing to note with Non Isolated DC to DC Voltage Converters: they featureless noise filtering blockage and have a higher output voltage. This is a result of the units being cheaper than Galvonic Isolated Converters.

Non Isolated DC to DC Voltage Converters are suitable for a range of applications including negative ground applications, as a maintenance charger and for equipment that does not requre noise suppression.