Combi Portable Fridge Freezers

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Need an all-in-one portable fridge freezer? You need a combi fridge freezer – a two-in-one cooling solution.

Get a Fridge and a Freezer Packed Into One

A must have for any serious camper or 4WD tourer, the combi fridge freezer will keep your food and drinks cool wherever you go. If you’re not sure where to start, look to Engel combi fridge freezers.Engel combi fridge freezers are famous in the portable fridge freezer market due to their high quality and advanced technology.

Engel combi fridge freezers feature one temperature control, but contain a divider to split the portable fridge into two sections. The cold air overflows from the main freezer compartment into the next to form a fridge section. Choose from 40 litre, 57 litre and 75 litre depending on your needs.

We also stock combi fridge freezers which are made by Australian company, Evakool. Take some time to investigate our Engel combi fridge freezers and Evakool fridge freezers ready for your next adventure.