Fitting Accessories

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Get the perfect fit with the right caravan bike rack fitting from Thule. We sell a wide range of accessories and additional components to ensure your caravan bike rack fitting is just right. Wherever you’re carrying your bikes, Thule makes sure your caravan bike rack fitting is secure and easy to operate. Your caravan and bikes are safe from damage, and you can get on with your adventures!


Get The Best from Your Thule Bike Rack

Whatever your caravan, or however many bikes you plan on taking with you on your next ride, make sure your Thule bike rack is ready to go. Bike carriers can be a complicated issue but when you have the perfect caravan bike rack fitting, it’s a breeze. Make sure your bike wheels are securely mounted to the rack with a Thule Wheel Adaptor. This handy piece of kit protects the rim on mountain bikes and helps secure the wheels of road bikes. It’s a must-have accessory for every type of bike! Need to mount your rack securely to your caravan rear? Buy the mounting rail for Thule rear mounted bike carriers.

Protect Your Bikes

Always carry a bike rack cover for your trip, so you can protect your bikes on and off the road. A Thule bike cover is designed to protect your bikes from damage while on the rack. Designed as a simple to use and attractive cover, the Thule cover works perfectly with the entire range of Thule Bike Carriers and covers up to three bikes.