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Caravan Antenna

Caravan Antenna

Caravan Antenna

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  1. Camec Satking Foldaway Antenna Amplifier, 240 Volt, 1 year warranty


    RRP: $126 Save $11

  2. Camec Foldaway Standard Antenna, Quick Fit, 1 year warranty

    SALE Price: $139

    RRP: $152 Save $13

  3. Camec Foldaway Antenna, 2m Tallboy, suits wind-up camper, 1 year warranty

    SALE Price: $158

  4. Thunder Blind Spot Warning Kit, 1 year warranty


    RRP: $231 Save $32

  5. Milenco Power 900L RV Antenna, for HDTV Reception, 1yr Warranty

When you’re on the road, you don’t have to miss an episode of your favourite show if you stock a caravan TV antenna from My Generator. If you like to hold onto your creature comforts when caravanning, a caravan TV aerial is a must to stay entertained with all your favourite channels.

Compact and convenient, our range of caravan TV antennas has something for everyone. We stock foldaway antennas that can be set at different angles, as well as antennas for your digital TV that don’t require physical adjustments. Whichever model you choose, you can look forward to the best possible picture, wherever you may be.

My Generator stocks caravan antennas from trusted brands Camec and Milenco. Shop the range today.