Three Phase Diesel Generators (651kva and above)

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Need to a reliable 3 phase diesel generator for commercial and industrial prime or standby power applications? Choose from top quality manufacturers like Powerlink, Pramac, Kohler or FG Wilson.

From 651 kVA right up to a massive 2475 kVA, you can rely on these workhorses for serious power.

What to Look For in a 3 Phase Diesel Generator

What makes these 3 phase diesel generators stand out is their best-in-class technology which is designed to meet your unique challenges. In addition to a top-rate engine and robust design, you need a generator that’s reliable, easy to operate and maintain, environmentally friendly, safe, simple and practical.

The 3 phase diesel generators in our range above 651 kVA also come with popular features like forklift slots, 24-hour fuel tanks, solid construction and steel canopies.

Reliable Power For Every Application

Where do you need power right now? Whether it’s for the commercial industry, contractors, telecommunications, rental/hire use, government and council buildings, mine sites, agricultural and farming, data centres or somewhere else, a 3 phase diesel generator will deliver.