Three Phase Diesel Generators (50kva to 90kva)

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A durable and hardworking 50kVA to 90kVA three phase diesel generator is essential whenever you need a steady and reliable supply of electricity. Three phase generators such as 65kVA generators provide a higher horse power without a costly fuel guzzling engine.

Which Size Three Phase Diesel Generator?

When you need reliable, smooth and uninterrupted power for long period of time, a 65kVA generator hits the mark. These three phase 65kVA generators are ready to meet the demands of industries, from harsh mining sites to remote farm applications and construction sites. They are well suited for standby power to, with applications ranging across offices, shops, clinics and homes.

We stock Pramac, Powerlink, Genelite, Cummins and Kohler 65kVA generators. Why? Because all of these brands are known for their quality and durability.

Choose from features including quiet operation, corrosion resistance, weatherproof design, anti-vibration mounting, security and safety, and excellent maintenance access.

Our range of 65kVA delivers professional, reliable power solutions to your business. Browse now!