Three Phase Diesel Generators (401kva to 650kva)

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If you need a decent power source, it’s time to look at our range of three phase diesel generators. We stock a number of hard working products that are perfect for all kinds of applications. Need something for commercial purposes? Perhaps a 500 kVA generator by Kohler is what you need? We stock other brands, too. Such as Pramac, Powerlink and FG Wilson. These manufacturers are leaders in their field which is why we stock them. Our selection of three phase diesel generators are suited for commercial and industrial prime or standby applications. The 500 kVA generators are part of this range, too.

500 kVA Generators Can Provide Power in Many Situations

You can use 401 kVA to 650 kVA three phase diesel generators to power all sorts of things. Hotels, petrol stations, work sites and more. Whatever your application, a generator such as a 500 kVA generator will provide power in the event of a black out. Our range of products, including the 500 kVA generators, have up-to-date features like anti-vibration suspension and superfast response times. Some are very quiet when they operate, too. Which is fantastic when you want everyone to get a good night’s sleep.