3 Phase Generator

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If you’re looking for reliable power for residential, commercial or events power supply then our range of 3 phase generators is what you need. Here at My Generator we stock only the best quality 3 phase generator models on the market. That’s why you’ll find 3 phase generators by Genelite, Pramac, Gentech, Powerlite, and Powerlink. You get all the benefits of reliable technology, quality engines and great support.


Buy a Reliable 3 Phase Generator

It is important to invest in a high quality and reliable 3 phase generator. This is why we only stock the best models by brands including Genelite, Pramac, Gentech, Powerlite and Powerlink.

Because a 3 phase generator allows for greater electrical loads than a single-phase generator, they are ideal for powering homes, businesses and events. So whether you need power for machinery, office backup, home backup or events, you’ll find the solution in our range of 3 phase generators.

For portable power, look to one of our top selling trade generator brands Powerlite, a trusted Australian generator manufacturer with over 50 years’ experience. We sell sizes from 7kVA up to 16kVA, with reputable engines from Honda or Briggs & Stratton. For something bigger, look to Powerlink and Pramac. These 3 phase generators provide up to a massive 510kVA depending on the model. Choose generators powered by reliable engines by Volvo, Cummins or Perkins. Whatever your power needs, our range of 3 phase generators will ensure you have reliable power when you need it.