Three Phase Diesel Generators (250kva to 400kva)

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These 3 phase generators are made tough. A good 3 phase generator should be able to withstand rough handling, harsh conditions and corrosion. That’s why we have selected a range of 3 phase generators which can handle the tough conditions found on construction sites.

The units here are built to last, whether you choose one with a mechanically welded chassis with antivibration suspension or a robust welded steel base frame with heavy duty metal skid plates and anti-vibration mounts.

Ready For Heaps of Applications

3 phase generators can provide power in all kinds of applications, including hospitals, worksites, and farms. They’re also great for the home and at your business. If you need reliable backup power, a 3 phase generator has it covered. Look for features such as

When it comes to a 3 phase generator, you can’t past the big name manufacturers like Kohler, Pramac and Powerlink. Now sure which one is for you? Compare the generators in our online store.