Three Phase Diesel Generators (166kva to 250kva)

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When you need reliable backup power, a 165 kVA to 250 kVA generator is your solution. This range of three phase diesel generators includes models from highly reputable brands including Powerlink, Pramac, Kohler and FG Wilson. The most popular size generator in this range is a 200 kVA generator, which is a popular choice for home and commercial backup applications.

High Quality Diesel Generators From Trusted Brands

You don’t want any hassle with your generator. That’s why the brands we stock, such as Cummins and Genelite, are renowned for being durable, robust and easy to use.

Our range of 200 kVA generators boast technologically advanced features like excellent noise control capabilities and a bevy of safety systems to protect you. Add to this amazing reliability and you can get back to work without worrying about the power going out. Depending on the model, your 200 kVA generator can be equipped with an optional automatic transfer switch to detect the moment a mains power outage occurs and turn on automatically.