Crommelins Robin Fire Fighting 1.5" Water Pump with Twin Impeller, 7hp

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Crommelins Robin Fire Fighting 1.5" Water Pump with Twin Impeller, 7hp
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"Initial thoughts and feedback from ex-RFS member"

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I have very briefly tested this pump but not thoroughly, thus cannot give overwhelming feedback, just initial impressions. I purchased as on paper it seemed the best value twin impeller on the market, my property needs twin impeller as from water source to likely defence positions needs a bit of lif
(Posted on 11 November 2023)

Product Description

This Twin Impeller Crommelins Robin pressure water is required. Ideal for firefighting, water transfer, or washing down farm machinery and equipment.

A self-priming pump with carry handle that is driven by a 7.0hp Robin engine delivering 360 litres of water a minute. The Pump is cast aluminium alloy that comes with a 1.5inch inlet and three outlets; 1x 1.5 inch and 2 x 1.0 inch.  

Complete with 2 year warranty and backed by Crommelins extensive national service network

  • The cast aluminium impeller/s gives improved life
  • Self-priming after initial prime
  • Bolt on replaceable suction port so enabling easy and quick replacement if inlet cracked or thread is damaged
  • Cast iron diffuser increases pump life and greatly reduces maintenance
  • Metal (not plastic) delivery outlet caps
  • High quality cast aluminium pump body, for longer life and less maintenance.
  • Spark arrestor muffler
  • Double fuel filter system to protect engine from any water or impurities
  • A serviceable carburettor, not a "throw-away", reduces costs
  • Double ball bearing crankshaft, increasing engine life
  • Pointless ignition system, requires less maintenance, easier starting and more reliability
  • Cast iron cylinder liner, extends engine life by allowing rebore.
Please note - this model originally featured a Subaru engine, it now features a Robin engine.
Crommelins Robin Fire Fighting Pumps Performance Charts

Crommelins Robin Fire Fighting Pumps Performance Charts


Crommelins Brochure



Brand Crommelins

Warranty Period: 2 Years + 3 Years Engine

Product Category Water Pumps

Fuel Tank Capacity 3.6 L

Discharge Size (Inches) 1.5

Discharge Size 1 x 1.5" and 2 x 1"

Dimensions 510 x 440 x 440mm (L x W x H)

Engine Warranty 3 years

Engine Robin

Flow Rate L/Min 360

Suction Size 1.5''

Starting System Recoil

Rated Power 5.1kW

Maximum Head (Meters) 90

Net Weight (kg) 32

Popular Product Applications Fire fighting pump, high pressure water pump, petrol water pump, water pump, irrigation pump

Fuel Type Unleaded


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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • Which type and size of pump is best for pumping water from a house tank up to holding tanks for gravity feed? I need to pump up the hill to a 15 metre head height over a distance of approximately 100 metres.

    Hi, it is difficult to advise exactly what pump you need without more information; e.g. what is the uplift from the tank to the pump, how much water you need to move, how quickly, whether the distance between the points is in a straight line, what size are your hoses etc. etc. 

    However, as a rule of thumb, the maximum head capacity of the pump can tell you what the pump can do in terms of; suction height + uplift. For example, if you needed to draw up water 5 metres from the water source to the pump, then move the water from the pump up a gradient of 15 metres, then you would need a pump with a maximum head greater than 20 meters (5 +15).

    Also remember that there will be a small loss of head capacity through general friction, so your first consideration is a pump with head capacity greater than 20 metres, then secondly what flow rate (litres/min) you require - this is where the pump charts come in handy (on the product brochures) as the water flow rate diminishes with the height. 

    Depending on your suction height, I would be inclined to look at a Honda or Subaru powered 2" or 3" Transfer Pump that has a head capacity of around 30-35 metres and flow rate of around 500-600 litres per minute. If your suction height or flow rate requirement is larger, then you'll need to look at a larger pump.   

  • Hi, I need to irrigate my garden approx 20m x 20m with a pump. I have a creek for a water source about 20-30 metres from my garden. Which type of pump is best for me?

    Thanks for your question Craig. Most any water pump would handle your application. It largely depends on how you plan to "water" your garden which will help you decide the best type of pump. If you are simply watering with a garden hose and no nozzle, then this water pump would do the job. Please note that the pump should be as close to the water source as possible and you should use a good quality suction hose as well as a quality strainer to prevent any debris from getting into the pump.

    If you intend to use a nozzle or a sprinkler for your your watering, then it may be worth considering a high pressure fire fighting pump as these pumps provide a higher pressure that would be needed to provide effective coverage and proper operation of the nozzle or sprinkler heads.

    Cheers, Steve

  • I see the Firefighting pump models often have two (or more) outlets, which are slightly different in size. Â Which outlet does the pump specifications (e.g. Max Head and Water Flow Rate) refer to? Â Â

    Good Question. For Fire Fighting Pumps, the smaller outlets are designed for pressure and the larger outlet is designed for water transfer. When looking at the pump specs, the Maximum Head capacity relates to the smaller outlets and for Water Flow rate, this relates to the larger transfer outlet.

  • Hi, I'm looking for a pump to deliver water from a creek to a garden area about 400 meters apart; what do you recommend?

    Hi, our portable pump range (transfer pumps, fire fighting pumps, trash pumps, submersible pumps, chemical pumps) have models that will effectively handle pumping vertical distances from about 20 metres up to about a maximum of around 90 metres - this is the Maximum Head capacity rated on every pump's specifications. 

    The Maximum Head rating will tell you the maximum height the pump can pump to. So you need to know how much height you will need to draw from the water source up to the pump (suction height) and how much height you will be moving the water (uplift). For example, if you needed to draw up water 5 metres from the water source to the pump, then move the water from the pump up a gradient of 25 metres, then you would need a pump with a maximum head greater than 30 meters (5 + 25). Also note that as water moves through the hosing and the bends it will encounter friction, causing some small additional head loss - so you should need to choose a pump with maximum head larger than your height pumping requirements. Then you'll need to consider what flow rate you want to move the water at...this is where Pump Charts are important to consider (see product brochure) because delivery capacity falls away as max head capacity is approached.

    Overall, work out your suction height + uplift, then choose a pump with max head capacity to more than handle the sum of those heights, and a pump that satisfies your flow rate requirements. 

  • When talking about the size of the pump, does that refer to the diameter of the inlet or the outlet?

    In our range of pumps, the inlet and outlet size of the pump is the same, with the exception of the Fire Fighting pump models. These high pressure Fire Fighting pump models will have one inlet and one transfer outlet the same size which classifies the size of the pump...then most Fire Fighting Pump models will also have two additional outlets which are slightly smaller and are designed for the high pressure discharge.

  • Based on my understanding of ‘Maximum Head', would I be right in saying that a pump with a Max Head of say 20m, could transfer water 18m directly vertical, if the suction inlet was 2m above the water source?

    Yes. That is the correct interpretation of the Max Head capacity of a pump. Note in your theoretical example though, the water pressure and flow rate would be around zero at the discharge point (because the max head of the pump is 20 metres and the sum requirement of your example is also 20 metres). In practice, if you're pumping requirement totaled 20 metres, you would want to get a pump with a max head capacity of greater than 20 metres, to have sufficient water flow and account for small head loss from friction. 

  • Is it okay to fit a smaller sized hose to the pump output size? If so, that would probably increase the PSI a bit more as well?...or do I have to match both input and output with the same size hose?

    Hi Mark, it is always recommended that you use the same diameter hose/piping as the suction and discharge ports on the pump. While it is sometimes necessary to reduce that diameter, it is strongly advised that you do not reduce the hose size by more than half an inch.

    While you may see an increased pressure due to the slightly smaller piping, this will also see an increased backpressure on the pump. The more you reduce the hose/piping diameter, the more you increase this backpressure and likely cause the pump to fail and that would not be covered under warranty.

    Cheers, Steve

  • Is there a way to know the PSI water pressure a water pump will deliver?

    Hi Ken, thanks for your question. Yes there is; approximately 1 metre of max head is equal to 1.42 PSI. So you can simply multiply the maximum head of the pump by 1.42 to give you the max psi rating of that pump. For example, if a pump has a maximum head of 40 metres, then its max pressure is approx. 57 PSI.

    For reference, a typical garden hose dispenses water at about 30-40PSI. Generally speaking, Transfer Pumps will have lower PSI capacity, but can move larger volumes of water, whereas High Pressure Fire Fighting Pumps will have a higher PSI but move lower water volumes on a litres per minute measure. 

    Hope that helps, thanks - Steve.

Customer Reviews

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Initial thoughts and feedback from ex-RFS member Review by
I have very briefly tested this pump but not thoroughly, thus cannot give overwhelming feedback, just initial impressions. I purchased as on paper it seemed the best value twin impeller on the market, my property needs twin impeller as from water source to likely defence positions needs a bit of lift - and from RFS experience fighting fires at distance is handy. Robin engines used to have a very good reputation, but Subaru sold them off a few years ago to Chinese owners, who make them there now. While the design and quality is still good, you can see they've cut corners with many aspects compared to when Japanese made. But 9HP is excellent and I still think good engine. I contacted Crommelins prior to buying to ask about the maker of the pump, they were not overly helpful - divulging only that it was made to their requested specs in Taiwan. Some aspects of it are excellent, others reek of cost cutting. But overall I think its good quality. I am somewhat dubious of it's performance specs, Asian sourced pumps are notorious for claiming head, LPM figures they cannot do IRL - so I do hope Crommelins vetted this thoroughly. While I feel there are better twin impeller pumps on the market, I think that given the nature of fire pumps i.e you likely only have to use them very rarely - this product is excellent value with comparable products priced at $500+ more. Give it a tad of TLC, store well, use fuel stabiliser, grease your gaskets etc and should last for many years. Hope you never need to use it!
(Posted on 11 November 2023)


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