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Are you looking for a water pump that can help you move water quickly with minimal fuss? Take a look at our Honda fire fighting pumps and be prepared for an emergency.


Living in an area where you’re closer to nature is the dream. It’s peaceful, beautiful and there’s nothing like living off the land. But at the end of the day, you need to know you can protect your slice of heaven from an emergency situation – particularly if you live in an area prone to bushfire or flooding. That’s where our Water Master Honda fire fighting pumps come in handy.


There is a whole world of water pumps out there, designed to make your specific task easier, so it’s important to make sure you have the right pump for the job. Powered by a genuine Honda 5.5 horsepower engine, our Honda fire fighting pumps are designed to deliver high pressure performance in emergencies, and can also be used very effectively to wash down spray irrigation machinery or equipment on rural properties. Suitable for agricultural businesses, rural housing, fire fighting and emergencies, Honda fire fighting pumps come equipped with a tough steel frame that allows for easy roll over and portability. And it also provides some added protection to the unit for use in rugged conditions.


Check out the My Generator range of Water Master Honda fire fighting pumps today.