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It’s critical to prepare your home and business for bushfire season in Australia. The Honda powered fire fighting pumps by Water Master are a best-selling choice. These Water Master pumps are high quality and reliable, making them a valuable tool in your fire defence strategy. They are built tough for Australian conditions, so you know they’ll last the distance.


Be Flood Ready With Water Master Pumps

Water Master offers a great range of water transfer pumps featuring genuine Honda engines and inlet/outlet sizes from 1" to 4". You can find Water Master pumps that are perfect for your light pumping needs, such as filling up water tanks, dewatering, and general washing. And with the hardy Honda GX engine, you can be confident it will reliably serve you for years to come.

Prepare For Bushfire Season

From floods to bushfires, protect your home or business with a best-selling Waster Master pump.Water Master pumps for firefighting include 1.5”and 3” Honda, Yamaha or Yanmar powered pumps that are built tough to handle Aussie conditions. You don’t have to save it for fire-fighting – it’s a great choice for other applications such as water transfer, wash down and irrigation too.