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Tired of relying on unreliable hot water facilities at campsites? Heading to that secret remote spot for the ultimate adventure getaway? Take a look at our Truma hot water systems to take your camping set-up to the next level and ensure you’ll have access to hot water wherever you go.


Having a hot shower when you’re camping is a luxury that many campers can’t live without. Whether you’ve spent the day exploring and need to wash away the sand and dust, or you just want to freshen up before bed, a Truma hot water system can offer that extra level of comfort.

It’s surprising just how cold it can get during an Australian winter, and even more so when you’re hitting the road and heading to the outback. So when the temperatures start to drop, a two-in-one Truma hot water system can really save the day. Not only will a Truma hot water system tick your hot shower box, it can also be used to heat your camper or caravan space to create the ultimate cosy atmosphere.

Our Truma hot water systems are gas powered with electric water heating and the air and water systems can work simultaneously or independently, so you can run the hot water and heat your home away from home at the same time. Truma hot water systems are compact and lightweight and it only takes around 20 minutes for the water to heat.

Explore our range of Truma hot water systems and enjoy some extra luxury on your next trip.