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Don’t want to skimp on comfort when your camper is already packed to the rafters? Well, you don’t have to when you have a Front Runner chair! Front Runner Expander Chairs use an innovative space-saving technology that means these full-sized chairs will fold down to just 1/16th of their size. That’s roughly the size of a laptop case! Checkout these chairs in bundles below, plus we have some great 4x4 rack bundles below too!


Comfort is often the first sacrifice when you’re packing up your car or trailer for a camping trip and space is a premium. But the good news is a Front Runner chair folds down to just 1/16th of its size meaning you don’t have to wave goodbye to your comfy seat around the campfire.


Whether you’re heading off on a picnic, you’re going to a outdoor concert or a sporting event, or perhaps a longer camping trip that requires a little more luggage, Front Runner chairs are easily stored in limited space and they’re lightweight compact design includes a carrying handle that makes them incredibly easy to carry to your destination.


Don’t be left standing. Find the ultimate Front Runner chair bundles and promotions here on My Generator. We have a selection of offerings including the expander chair and storage bag, two expander chairs, and two expander chairs and a storage bag. Front Runner chairs are the ultimate camping chair, and they can now be purchased in every way!