Bushranger 4WD Accessory Promotions

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Need a better lighting system when you're navigating fog, mist and night time conditions? Take a look at our range of Bushranger 4x4 driving lights to keep your tracks illuminated. 4WD driving lights should come in pairs, that's why we've created Bushranger 4x4 bundles for your convenience! Not only that, by purchasing one of our bundles you'll save money.


Driving conditions can get a little more challenging when you head off the beaten track. Not only do you have different road conditions to contend with, you also need to be on the lookout for fallen branches, unexpected debris and wildlife. That’s where Bushranger 4x4 lights can come into play, giving you the peace of mind that you have the best gear to light your path. And when it’s time to set up camp, you can even use your Bushranger 4x4 lights as camping lights.

Bushranger 4x4 driving lights come in a range of styles and bundles to suit your vehicle and use. For example, the Bushranger Night Hawk 9” VCT driving light kit is great for adverse weather conditions as it allows you to set your preferred brightness and colour to give you complete control on the road. Alternatively, if you’re looking for maximum brightness, check out the Bushranger Night Hawk 9” VLI series. These Bushranger 4x4 lights are so bright that they’ve incorporated a brightness control function and two protective covers that mean you can toggle between beam patterns quickly and easily.