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Product Description

Stratchits - by Front Runner, 3 Year Warranty. 

Cinch down loads simply and effectively so you don't have to worry about gear rattling loose on bumpy roads.

  • Adjustable from 22” (560mm) to 63” (1524mm) and with an additional 8” (203mm) when fully stretched.
  • Won’t damage your expensive gear like surfboards through over tightening.
  • Stratchits absorb tension like a stretchy ratchet strap.
  • Quick and efficient. Simply secure the ends and hand tighten the strap.
  • Fastens to, and around, just about anything.
  • Perfect for Front Runner Racks and accessories, but work with all roof rack systems.
  • Many uses! Secure: Wolf Pack, Cub Pack and other cases (Pelican, Zargas, Alu-box, etc.) to any roof rack.
  • Secure: Surfboards, SUP, bicycles, firewood, chairs, etc.
  • Keep your rack clean and organized with the cinching hook and loop strap that neatly stows away excess strap length.
  • Sold in pairs.


  • Hook to the Front Runner Roof Rack Tie Down Ring or loop around the slats or side profiles and fasten the Stratchit to itself.
  • You can even remove the carabiner and loop the Stratchit through itself - to fasten around any roof rack rail, railing, pole, bumper, tire carrier.... etc.


  • Please read and follow all these warnings carefully -- failure to do so could result in cargo damage and could cause injury.
  • Do not over tighten. Use only hand leverage.
  • Never stand in the direct path of the Stratchit when tensioning to prevent the risk of injury should the strap become detached.
  • Loads settle. Check Stratchit after first 10 miles of driving and each 50 miles thereafter.
  • User to evaluate working load and requirements. DO NOT use to support human weight under any circumstance.
  • Check the Stratchit regularly for signs of deterioration or damage.
  • To ensure longevity, please remove the Stratchit from the sun and weather elements when not in use.
  • Make sure that the points of attachment to the vehicle or trailer are of sufficient strength to withstand the maximum loading that will be produced during use.
  • Take additional care if securing large objects that may be subject to aerodynamic lifting forces caused by bumps. Always use the appropriate number of straps and drive at reduced speeds to minimize the effects of these forces.



Brand Front Runner

GTIN 6009542227108

Warranty Period: 3 Years

Product Category Accessories




Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • What is the method for securing the Typhoon bag (RRAC159) to the Slimline II Roof Rack?

    Black Tie Down Rings (RRAC012) and Stratchits can be used to secure the Typhoon Bag (RRAC159) to the Slimline II Roof Rack (STRA034).

  • Is it possible to secure the Wolf Pack (SBOX008) without using the RRAC129 Adjustable Rack cargo chocks?

    The Wolf Pack (SBOX008) can be secured and used without the Adjustable Rack Cargo Chocks (RRAC129). You can also use the Wolf Pack Rack Bracket (RRAC117) or Standard Black Tie down Rings (RRAC012) and Stratchits (STRA034).

  • What types of straps can be used with the RRAC025 Stainless Steel Tie Down Rings?

    We propose using Stratchits (STRA034) or Stratchit Shorties to secure your goods (STRA037)

  • What straps are compatible with the RRAC012 Black Tie Down Rings?

    We propose using Stratchits (STRA034) or Stratchit Shorties to secure your goods (STRA037)

  • Is it possible to secure the Cub Pack (SBOX001) without using the RRAC129 Adjustable Rack cargo chocks?

    Without the Adjustable Rack Cargo Chocks, the Cub Pack (SBOX001) can be fastened and used (RRAC129). Standard Black Tie Down Rings (RRAC012) and Stratchits (STRA034) (STRA037) can be substituted instead.


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