Runva HWV15000 Winch with Steel Cable



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Product Description

Runva HWV15000 with Steel Cable, Limited Lifetime Warranty. The Runva Lifting Series have been designed for applications requiring a winch that is rated for lifting purposes. There are many applications and industries that require winches used for lifting. Winches designed for pulling applications are generally not suitable for lifting due to many design and safety factors.

All of Runva's hydraulic winches featured here have been designed for Industrial/Commercial applications. From barges in the marine industry through to tow trucks, these have been carefully designed for reliability and durability. Check with your hydraulic specialist to see which model would best suit your application. Knowing your hydraulic setup including oil flow and pressure availability is important when selecting a winch.


SKU HWV15000

Brand Runva

GTIN 9333446580555

Warranty Period: Limited Lifetime

Product Category 4WD Parts and Extras

Winch Capacity (Kg) 6804

Rated Line Pull 15000lb (6804kg)

Gear Ratio 17.3:1

Dimensions 735mm x 300mm x 277mm

Motor 160ml/r

Gear Train Heavy Duty – Full Steel Planetary

Finish Red Powder Coat

Brake Automatic Heavy Duty Brake System

Drum Diameter (mm) 127mm x 266mm

Weight (kg) 90kg (includes packaging)

Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • What size battery should I use with the Runva winches?

    Runva states that the ATV Series models can run off an ATV/UTV battery. For other applications a small car battery would be sufficient.

    The minimum requirement for the Compact Series, Electric Series and Lifting Series is 750CCA. Using a too small battery can damage your winch.

    The minimum requirement for the Competition Series is a battery setup of no less than 1000CCA.

  • Which Runva Winch should I choose?

    It depends on your individual needs. Some factors to consider are:

    • Which features you are looking for in a winch
    • The rating of the winch bar or plate you are planning to use it on
    • The size of the winch you are considering - you need to make sure it will fit the application. Some models state that they would fit all bars so they would be a good choice if you do not want to measure prior to buying a winch
  • Are the Runva Winches all IP67 Ingress Tested?

    No, all models are not IP67 rated. The 'Premium' models are the only ones that are IP67 Ingress tested, along with a select other models. Runva states that their quality engineering is a standard across all of their products and only the Premium range is tested, but that does not mean the rest of the ranges are any less watertight.


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