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Product Description

Pramac Honda 7.2kVA AVR Petrol Generator with Auto Start capability. The S8000 with a 3 Year Honda Australia Engine Warranty matches easy-use features and first-class components with the legendary Honda reliability to satisfy your home back-up power needs. This model is one of our most popular units for off-grid home solar power back up and can also be used as back up to mains power;


1) Backup to Off-Grid Solar: For backup power to off-grid solar systems, this generator requires a Pramac 2 Wire Auto Start Controller (see Accessories List above to add to your order). This controller connects between your Pramac generator and your solar system for automatic charging of your solar batteries when battery charge is low. A qualified solar installer / electrician is required to undertake the install and connection. Click on below image for a video demonstration:

2 Wire Auto Start Controller for Solar Backup


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2) Backup to Mains Power:  For backup power to your home/building when there is a mains power blackout, this generator requires an Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Panel (see Accessories List above to add to your order)This panel is also referred to as an 'Automatic Transfer Switch'. This AMF detects when there is a mains power failure, and signals to the generator to automatically start up to restore power to your home/building. Conversely, as soon as the AMF detects mains power returns, it stops the generator. A qualified electrician is required to undertake the install and connection.

Pramac AMF panel


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Overall, the generator is powered by a reliable Honda GX390 air-cooled engine with electric start to drive an AVR alternator for a max power of 7.2kVA and a continuous output of 5500 watts. The hardy design also features a long-run 26.5L fuel tank and control panel that allows you to integrate the accessories listed above as per your required backup use.

The 36 month warranty backed by a national service network means you can be confident you’ll always have power when the lights go out.

 Pramac S8000 Product Card

Pramac 2 Wire Auto Start Controller Accessory Info

Wiring Diagram



Brand Pramac

GTIN 8018539073930

Warranty Period: 3 Years

Product Category Portable Generators

Model S8000

kVA 7.2

Continuous Output (Watts) 5500

Max Output (kW) 6.4

Continuous Output (kW) 5.5

Fuel Petrol

Fuel Tank Capacity 26.5L

Starting Method Electric/recoil

Engine Speed 3000rpm

Outlets 3 x 15A 1ph Australian Retail outlets

Max Output (Watts) 6400

Cont. Working Time 12.2h at 75% load

Engine Honda GX390

Displacement 389

Alternator Type AVR

Product Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 840x615x753mm

Frequency 50Hz

Voltage 230V

Noise @ 7m 69db

Net Weight (kg) 109

Engine Warranty 3 Year Honda Australia Engine Warranty

Note Product specifications provided by Manufacturer. This is a portable air-cooled petrol generator designed for short term/standby applications - for pri


Pramac S8000 with Automatic Mains Failure Panel


Pramac S Series Tutorial


Pramac Two Wire Auto Start Control Box


Customer Reviews

So Far So Good Review by
Have only run it on load for a short period so far but so far so good; Pluses: Nice design and easy to move around. Pretty quiet. Minus Instructions for starting and use of choke were less than clear No manual The fuel level indicator is hard to read
(Posted on 4 December 2020)
So Far So Good Review by
Have only run it on load for a short period so far but so far so good;Pluses: Nice design and easy to move around. Pretty quiet.MinusInstructions for starting and use of choke were less than clearNo manualThe fuel level indicator is hard to read
(Posted on 4 December 2020)
Awesome Generator Review by
Great Generator, I have bought this one to replace my old generator. This is used for off grid solar backup. Very Impressed with the quality of this generator and how quiet it is compared to the last generator. Would highly recommend this generator for solar backup.Two wire controller very easy to install. Only one thing to be aware of is the Men ( Multiple Earth Neutral Link ) needs to be disabled on the generator to stop it from tripping continually when used for charging batteries in your off grid solar system.
(Posted on 11 August 2017)
Good generator for solar back-up Review by
I bought a 8kVA honda generator from about 6 months ago. Really impressed with the machine with its start function. Haven't had any dramas. It's hooked in to our solar system to top up the deep cycle batteries. Auto start so it kicks in when required. Delivery took 5 days which was fine. Highly recommend for solar back up.
(Posted on 13 January 2015)

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Impressed Review by
During installation, my electrician commented that he was impressed with the unit and the connecting controller. After a full winter, I too am impressed - it's started and stopped automatically as hoped and topped up our deep cycle packs when needed. It really has been seamless. I've checked oil levels periodically, but otherwise haven't needed to do anything. Thank you guys.
(Posted on 28 September 2014)
Good Option for Solar Backup Review by
I bought this model 6 months ago to use as a backup power source to my 6kw solar system. It's been working really well so far and hasn't skipped a beat during winter - when i need it most. I did a lot of research on auto start generators. This model is about half the price of some local auto start brands. Handy to have the Honda engine also.
(Posted on 28 July 2014)

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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • I live off-grid in a solar powered home. If I were to install an auto-start generator to back up my solar, what connection type would I need?

    Hi Steve - great question! You would require a Two-Wire Auto Start Controller for your solar application; This device would connect between your auto-start generator and to your battery pack inverter connection. When your deep cycle battery packs run low, the controller will detect this and signal for the generator to automatically kick in so you will not be without power! It will also signal for the generator to stop once the battery packs are charged.

    This connection and installation needs to be undertaken by a qualified electrician.  

    The Two-Wire Auto Start Controller can be found under the Accessory List on the product page. 

    Hope that helps- Thank you!

  • I can see that with an auto-start generator, an “AMF Panel” is required for mains power backup, and for solar back up a “2 wire auto start controller” is needed. But if I'm on solar and mains, do I need both to go with my auto-start generator?

    Hi, firstly you are completely correct; to use your auto-start generator for automatic power backup, you need either:

    • An AMF panel for automatic backup to mains power, or
    • A Two-wire auto start controller for automatic backup to off-grid solar systems

    For homes on solar and on mains power:
    In this case, the solar charge is either used within the household consumption or fed back into the grid, meaning there are no storage batteries like there is for an off-grid solar system. So,if you require an auto-start generator to automatically start up to restore power to your home (which is on solar and mains power), you would need an accompanying AMF panel - an electrician would undertake the connection. When a blackout occurs, the AMF panel would signal for the generator to start and restore power to your home.

    For homes with an off-grid solar system:
    The Two-Wire auto start controller is only for off-grid solar systems, whereby the controller is connected to generator and the solar battery system. When the batteries run low on power, the controller signals to the generator to start up and restore power to the batteries.

  • Do I still need to maintain the generator even if it hasn't been required for back up?

    Howdy - yes you do need to provide some simple maintenance. It is advised that you start up and run the generator periodically to run the engine and ensure that all is working for when it is required for backup.

    Regular oil changes (inline with manufacturer guidelines) and inspections are also advised to ensure maximum performance.  The owner’s manual comprises full routine maintenance procedures and schedules.

  • What engine oil should I use with this Generator?

    Hi - the generator requires standard engine oil;  either 10W-30 or 10W-40.

    This is available from any local service station. Many thanks 

  • Can I install one of these auto start generators myself? How difficult is it?

    Hi Ron, installation of an auto-start generator to provide backup power for mains failure or backup to solar applications needs to be done by a qualified electrician. It is a failry straighforward job for an electrician.

    Cheers, Steve.

  • Does this generator have automatic choke?

    Hi there, The S8000 generator has an electric solenoid to pull a choke lever within the carburettor. It get energised by the push button on the instrument panel when manually starting the unit.

    When used with the two wire start controller this solenoid is also energised at the same time as the starter motor.

    The P6000 has a diesel engine and doesn’t utilise a choke solenoid at all but will start very well as they are a compression type fuel system. Thanks

  • Can I use this generator to charge my power tool batteries?

    Hi there,

    Charging battery packs is fine from a conventional generator, we'd recommend having a steady load on the generator and don't connect appliances that will cause the load to jump around during charging.


  • What size auto-start generator would you recommend to backup a normal sized home? (say 3 bed, 2 bath sized home). Would this model do it?

    Hi Trevor; we get this question quite a bit. Obviously it depends on the type of appliances in your home and how many you are running. Typically for the standard sized home you are talking about, a generator between 5 - 8kVA will generally do the job to power your whole home. Appliances such as lights, TV's, computers, standard fridges and most kitchen appliances don't tend to draw massive amounts of power. You should just be conscious of other items such as A/C units as well as things like kettles and hair dryers which can require more start up power. 

    As mentioned, each house is different, so if you want to be completely certain, you could ask an electrician to do a proper wattage meter reading on your home. Thanks!


For details relating to Pramac generator warranty CLICK HERE


    For details relating to our delivery process CLICK HERE

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