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Nilfisk MC 5M 200/1050 Three Phase Electric Pressure Washer, 2900PSI, 1 Year Warranty. The Three Phase Nilfisk MC 5M 200/1050 is designed for demanding customers in agriculture, industry, construction and in automotive business.

The benefits of this versatile washer comes in the small touches brought to ensure a high ease of storage of accessories, cables and hoses. Storage space requirements are further reduced through a robust yet foldable transport handle. The optimal service concept is aimed at ensuring that any maintenance tasks can be done quickly and cheaply. 

This industry leading pressure washer comes with a manufacturer's 1 year warranty. 


  • Tough and sturdy design with 30mm steel frame
  • Optimal storage and transport with foldable handle and easy lifting points
  • High mobility with large rear wheels and most models with front castor wheel or a foot
  • Easy accessibility to pump, optimal service concept
  • Ergonomic accessory concept
  • 1450 rpm motor and 3 ceramic piston pump for intense use
  • 17.2 Litres/min of water flow, with water flow adjustment control
  • 2 way detergent valve
  • Ergonomic accessory concept
  • Three Phase Power
  • 1 year warranty

DESIGNED FOR: commercial cleaning/washdown tasks in the agriculture, construction and automotive industries.

INCLUDED: Nilfisk MC 5M 200/1050 Three phase Electric Pressure Washer with 10m High Pressure Hose, Ergo Coupling Kit, Hose Nozzle, Ergo Gun, Tornado Nozzle & Lance.

Note: this model was formerly known as Gerni MC 5M 200/1050 Three Phase Pressure Washer

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Gerni Poseidon Electric Manual


SKU 107146743

Brand Nilfisk

GTIN 5711145463364

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category Pressure Washers

Model MC 5M-200/1050 AU

Pump Description Wobble disc pump system, brass valve pump head with ceramic pistons

Nozzles Tornado Nozzle

Max. Water Temperature Can accept up to 60°C

Product Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 890 x 570 x 1020

Max Pressure (PSI) 2900

Power Cable Length 5m

Noise Level 76dBA (distance of 1 metre)

Hose Length 10 metre

Rated Power 6.1kW

Net Weight (kg) 78

In The Box Nilfisk MC 5M 200/1050 Three phase Electric Pressure Washer with 10m High Pressure Hose, Ergo Coupling Kit, Hose Nozzle, Ergo Gun, Tornado Nozzle & La

Pump Type 1450RPM

Max. Pressure 2900PSI

Voltage 415 volt (three phase)

Flow Rate L/Min 17.2


The Power of Pressure Washers


Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • Do the Gerni Pressure washers have ‘thermal cutout’? I’ve been told to look for this in a pressure washer I need for our business.

    Yes, the Gerni models have Thermal Cutout. This feature relates to electric pressure washers: the motor cuts out when heating is excessive to protect the unit.

    The petrol models have what they call 'thermal dump' - which involves a valve that releases water when pressure is built up, but the trigger of the gun is not pulled to release, also designed to protect your unit. 

  • What are the differences in the type of pumps used in Commercial Grade pressure washers as opposed to Domestic pressure washers?

    Howdy, good question! Quality commercial grade pressure washers from brands such as Gerni, Crommelins, Subaru, AR Blue Clean will use brass pump heads which are stronger, can handle more intensive use and have a longer lifetime. 

    Quality commercial grade pressure washers will also use solid ceramic pistons to avoid corrosion and thus also extending the unit's lifetime.

    Domestic pressure washers will typically use an aluminum pump head and solid steel pistons. These are lighter in weight and suit household cleaning requirements. When looking at domestic washers, again its best to opt for a quality brand (as listed above) as they will use non-corrosive aluminum which will prolong the life of the unit, as compared to cheaper brands which are often prone to corrosion.


  • I am looking at the Gerni Poseidon Three Phase Electric range. It will be used regularly around a resort, including resort pool, walkways etc. I wanted to know noisy how these pressure washers are?

    Hi there, the manufacturer (Gerni) specify the noise ratings for the Electric Three Phase Poseidon models as follows:

    • Gerni Poseidon 7-67FA = 75dBA
    • Gerni Poseidon 5-56PA = 76dBA
    • Gerni Poseidon 6-64FA = 77dBA
  • If something happens to the pressure washer unit, how do I get it repaired?

    The benefit of buying a Gerni Pressure Washer is that your unit is backed by the national Gerni Service Agent support network – if you ever need the unit repaired, need spare parts, or inspected under warranty, you are covered. You are also buying a product that is part of the global cleaning company Nilfisk, which has been a market leading manufacturer of cleaning products for over 100 years across 70 different countries.

    Buying a Gerni means you are buying quality and a top performing cleaning unit that will last you for years to come – it also means that your product has spare parts and servicing support country wide.

  • Hi Paul, Do any of the Gerni range have the ability to use water from a non mains supply like a water tank?

    Yes, All the Gerni range can be connected to a Non Mains supply like a rainwater tank. The best way is to run it gravity fed from a tap at the bottom of the tank using a normal hose with the machine lower than the tank.

    The Super, PE and Three phase models can all be positioned above the source of the water from 0m - 2.5m under optimum conditions. In order to operate the machine correctly in “Suction Mode” we recommend that you check the operating instructions in the product manual attached for each Pressure Washer.

    Generally the Backflow preventer is not needed, the Gerni suction hose kit accessory is required and the air needs to be bled from the line.

    You can purchase the Suction Hose Kit in the accessories list for the all models.



  • Am looking at a commercial grade Gerni electric pressure washer. There are currently 6 in your range: what is the main difference between the 3-wheel tripod style models and the two wheel models?

    Hi - whilst all of the commercial models have brass head pumps and ceramic pistons, the 3 wheel models have larger pumps and can therefore operate for longer periods. The 3 wheel models are designed to operate for around 4 to 5 hours at a time, every day. The 2 wheel models are still commercial grade, but intended more for a few hours use at a time. Thanks 

  • What's the best way to gauge the full power of a pressure washer? Is it just the PSI pressure rating?

    Hi James, great question. The cleaning power of a pressure washer is a combination of its pressure (PSI rating) and water flow rate (litres per minute). 

    Often people only consider the PSI number when looking at pressure washer models, but in fact testing shows that a greater water flow rate has a slightly greater influence on overall cleaning effectiveness:

    - Increasing the PSI rating of a pressure washer unit by 10% will increase cleaning effectiveness by 7%

    - Increasing the Water Flow Rate of a pressure washer unit by 10% will increase cleaning effectiveness by 12%

    So when comparing pressure models, be sure to consider each model's PSI rating and its Water Flow Rate capacity.   

    Note there are obviously many other factors on a unit to unit basis which also influences a pressure washer's cleaning capabilty such as; water temperature capacity, type and make of pump, piston types, nozzle & gun types etc.    

  • Can you explain the Gerni naming to me, for example the "Gerni MC 4M 160/620" - what does this coding mean about the product?

    Hi, great question - the structure of the Gerni naming is designed to give an easy and transparent overview of the key technical details and features of the product. Looking at your example of the MC 4M 160/620:

    = this stands for Mobile (as opposed to Stationary (S) pressure washer units).

    = Cold Water (as opposed to H for Hot Water units).

    = type of pump profile ranging from 2 through to 8.

    M = Mid Range class of 1450rpm motor. The others are Compact (C) class of 2800rpm motor and Premium (P) class of 1450rpm motor. 

    160/620 = 160 pump pressure (in bar), and 620 water flow rate (Litres per hour).

    There can also be additional letters and number codes for other models denoting certain parts of equipment or features such as X (hose reel), or PA (pressure activated) and FA (flow activated).

    Each model has full information in the Specifications tab and within the downloadable Product Manual.


    For details relating to this product's warranty CLICK HERE


    For details relating to our delivery process CLICK HERE

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