Jetwave Senator, Petrol GX Honda Elec Start Pressure Washer, 4000PSI

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Product Description

Jetwave Senator, Petrol GX Honda Elec Start Pressure Washer, 4000PSI, 1 year warranty. The Jetwave Senator 280-21 has the V-Twin powered by HONDA to clean a large construction site or factory with ease. Australian engineered and assembled using only the best quality Italian and global components.

26L Stainless Steel Water Bypass Tank optional extra. 

Standout Features

  • Professional Italian triplex Interpump delivers performance and longer life.
  • World class easy start HONDA™ GX630 Industrial Series OHV V-twin Engine.
  • Dual M22 screw hose coupling system.
  • Jetwave Safety System (JSS) thermal valve to prevent overheating in excessive bypass and over pressurisation.
  • Pump rubber foot mounted.
  • Easy electric key start with maintenance free battery.
  • Brass washable inlet water filter.
  • Integrated accessory storage for gun and lance.
  • Low speed professional pump for increased reliability and longer maintenance intervals.
  • Professional line accessories.
  • Quality pressure gauge.
Fields of Application
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Drain Clearing
  • Construction Site &
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Building Washdown
  • Factory Washdown
  • Large Plant Washdown

Who are Jetwave?Jetwave are an Australian company who specialise in manufacturing, designing and distributing robust industrial cleaning equipment. Their products are designed for the mining, shipping, plumbing, agricultural, aviation, car washing, transportation & logistics, and construction sectors, just to name a few. All of their products are backed by a national service agent and spare parts network for your servicing and warranty needs.

Jetwave Pressure Washers are a dependable choice for serious commercial / industrial cleaning requirements.


Pressure Washer Table

Jetwave Senator Product Card


SKU HP280-21PE

Brand Jetwave

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category Pressure Washers

Product Type Petrol Powered Pressure Washer: professional/industrial machine

Flow Rate L/Min 21

Working Pressure (Continuous Power) 4000PSI

Pump Type Annovi Reverberi (AR) XW 21.28N (Series 194)

Engine Honda GX630

Max Pressure (PSI) 4000

Motor Speed 1450 RPM via Interpump RS500 Gearbox

Net Weight (kg) 160

Country of Manufacture AU

Product Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 1120mm (L) x 700mm (W) x 900mm (H)


Jetwave.. Who are We?


Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • I'm looking at a petrol pressure washer for preparing a roof to re-paint. The roof is old, it has a lot of built up rust and tough grime, and the old paint needs to be stripped off. What size machine do I need?

    Hi Tom, great question. Based on your described requirement, I would recommend you opt for a professional grade petrol pressure washer. For a heavier roof clean as you have described, you will need a washer powered by a minimum 8 horsepower sized engine. The cleaning specifications you are looking for would be a minimum of around 3500PSI and a flow rate of 14 litres per minute or above. This sized pressure washer will strip the roof back to a state ready to re-paint and it will do it in satisfactory time.   

    I would also suggest that you use a Turbo Head nozzle (these are often an extra accessory for many pressure cleaners), which are great for tough cleaning jobs: the nozzle will spin at a fine degree spray with the water hitting the surface area from multiple angles, which quickly breaks down caked-on dirt and grime.

    For any roof cleaning job, you will likely also need an extension hose which is another optional accessory for most pressure washer models.

    For lighter roof cleaning requirements where the roof is not as old and you don’t need to strip off rust etc. you can opt for a smaller petrol machines powered by a 5-7 horsepower sized engine and would have a pressure rating of around 2500 – 3500 PSI, with flow rate of around 9-12 litres/minute. These are classified as light trade/heavy domestic machines, which are slightly cheaper than professional grade machines, making them a great price proposition. People do use these slightly smaller machines for jobs similar to your description, however they will take a longer time to complete the task.    

    Brands such as Powershot, Gerni, Crommelins and Jetwave all have high quality models for both professional and light trade/heavy domestic requirements. Thanks. 


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