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Product Description

Topargee EverShower Monsoon Shower, 1 Year Warranty.  EverShower is a portable, private shower that can retain and recycle its water. EverShower can provide you with a 20 minute, hot shower, virtually anywhere you like, using just 3 litres of water.

Set it up or pack it away in around two minutes. A portable shower that can recycle the water (fully self-contained) or run on continuous freshwater as desired.

Use indoors or outdoors. EverShower can be set up or packed down in seconds into its own 9.4kg suitcase.

Setting Up The Evershower:

  • Position the EverShower wherever and however you’d like – indoors, outdoors, roof on, roof off, in or out of your van, with the frame or with overhead points of attachment.
  • Place the 12 volt electric pump (included) into your water source – inside the tub (drain closed), if recycling, or outside the tub (drain open) for continuous fresh water.
  • To recycle, just pour up to 10 litres of water into the tub (3 or 4 is ample). Use solar or stove heated water, or for real luxury, a portable water heater.
  • Switch on the pump, step in and enjoy one fabulously, long, private EverShower virtually anywhere.
  • Hang the shower handset above for relaxing, hands-free, guilt-free, private showering.
  • The “monsoon” water pump shower kit enables portable showering like no other. This high-quality, stainless steel pump unit can move water at around 30 litres per minute. It’s about 7 times more powerful than most portable shower pumps.
  • This extremely robust 12-volt water pump is coupled with a huge 100mm/4in diameter, high-flow shower rose via a huge 16mm poly hose.
  • It includes almost 4 metres of power cable and an in-line, water-resistant switch.

Included In The Box:

  • Tub Base Unit
  • Tent Screen
  • Pole Frame Set
  • 12 Volt Electric Pump & Handset
  • Clothesline Attachment
  • Handset Strap for Hands-free Showering
  • Set of Adjustable Point-of-attachment Straps
  • Alloy Tent Pegs
  • Guy Rope Set
  • Handset Carabiner
  • Sun-absorption Tub Cover
  • Operation Manual



Brand EverShower

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category Camping Equipment and Extras

Base Dimension 50.5 x 50.5 x 15.5cm

Weight (kg) 8.6000

Width Height Across the Top 100cm

Overall Height mm 2200

Capacity (Litres) 3


Best camping shower ever


EverShower - Best portable camping shower


EverShower - Camping Shower inside or outside


EverShower with Joolca Hottap Water Heater


What's in the EverShower Monsoon Box


Setting up your EverShower in the wind


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