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Product Description

Engel Smart Battery Box, 1 Year Warranty. Engel Smart Battery Box Series 2 with capacity to hold batteries up to 130Ah in size. Now compatible with Lithium LiFePO4 batteries. 

Choose a battery and place it in the BATTBOXS2 for Portable Power, a battery management system and a dual-battery alternative. The Engel Smart Battery Box Series 2 has been enhanced for optimum charging and powering performance. This clever portable power source charges at 7 amps for AC and DC. Enabling the Engel Smart Battery Box Series 2 to power more devices when getting out in the great outdoors.

The Engel Smart Battery Box Series 2 can be recharged via the following options:

  • 240V Mains power (adaptor included)
  • While on the move from the vehicle's DC (cigarette) socket (cord included)
  • Solar panels (not included) via the Anderson socket

This Engel Smart Battery Box can meet all of your portable power needs. This Battery Box suits most popular battery types and sizes; up to approx 130ah capacity. Featuring a Time Track Power Management LCD screen, this Smart Battery Box has a built in 12-volt to 12-volt Smart Charger and external terminals for easy access to charging. Perfect for 4WD and camping trips. 


  • 300watt inverter for supreme power to charge multiple or a high power device.
  • DC - DC car charging capabilities, 5 volt USB 2.1amp socket, 1 x 12 volt accessory sockets, 1 x Engel Posi fit socket, 50 amp Anderson socket, External battery terminals, Low voltage cut-out, Manual isolator switch, Time tracker technology, Battery management system, 7 Stage smart charge
  • Battery compatibility: LiFePO4, Gel, Calcium, AGM, lead acid.


  • Suits most popular battery types and sizes, up to approx 130ah capacity
  • Time Tracker Power Management LCD Screen
  • Built in 6 amp 12 volt to 12 volt Smart Charger
  • Anderson plug 50 Amp
  • Engel posi-fit 12volt outlet
  • Cigar socket / accessory plug 10 amp
  • USB outlet 5 volt
  • External terminals for easy access charging


Please note: in order to secure the Engel Smart Battery Box to your vehicle, the following accessories are required:

  • Engel Battery Box Mounting Kit - BBTSLKIT (see accessories)
  • Engel Slide Lok - TSL27(see accessories)

EF3000ISE Product Manual



Brand Engel

GTIN 9334660016028

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category Batteries Other

Model Series 2

Product Type Battery Box with capacity for up to 130Amp Hour Batteries. Supports Lead Acid, Gel, Calcium, AGM & LiFeP04 batteries. (Battery not included)

External Dimensions 180mm wide x 330mm long x 238mm high

Net Weight (kg) 4.62

Voltage Input: 12V & 24V DC | 240V AC Via Adaptor

Internal Dimensions 180mm wide x 330mm long x 238mm high


Engel Smart Battery Box


Testing the Engel Smart Battery Box


Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • Can I use the Engel Smart Battery Box to jump start a car with a flat battery?

    Yes you can as long as the battery installed in the Engel Smart Battery Box is a cold cranking battery.


  • Can I jump start the car using a deep cycle battery?

    Yes you can however you need to connect the battery to the vehicle’s starting battery for an hour to charge the starting battery. The deep cycle battery will need to be fully charged or near to.

  • My cigarette socket won't provide power anymore, what is wrong?

    Check the 10A fuse under the lid. If the fuse is okay, turn the main isolator switch on and off a few times. Otherwise the battery may be flat.

  • What is net watts?

    Is the amount of power either going into or drawn from the battery. If the Engel Smart Battery Box is charging and powering a device at the same time the net watts will display the difference in power. For example if there is +90W going into the battery and the Engel Smart Battery Box is powering a -60W lamp then net watts is +30W.

  • When I connect my laptop AC adaptor to the AC outlet an alarm sounds with two beeps, why is that?

    For some laptop adaptors the in-rush current can trigger the alarm and the internal inverter will protect itself. The issue can be overcome by turning the Engel Smart Battery Box AC outlet on first (so green LED is lit), then turning on the laptop and finally connecting the laptop adaptor to the laptop and Engel Smart Battery Box AC outlet.

  • My 240V outlet keeps blowing the 30A fuse, why is that?

    The device you have plugged into the 240V outlet is unsuitable (could be too powerful) and has damaged the internal inverter.

  • Can I install the Engel Smart Battery Box into my vehicle as part of a dual battery installation?

    Yes you can however, you will need a dual battery wiring kit installed into your vehicle. We recommend you get this kit installed by a qualified auto electrician. You can connect the dual battery wiring loom to the Engel Smart Battery Box either via the external terminals or the Anderson socket. Please remember the main isolator switch must be in the “on” position. The Engel Smart Battery Box cannot be mounted into the vehicle’s engine bay.

  • Can I charge the battery using solar panels?

    Yes you can as long as the main isolator switch is in the “on” position. This type of charging is not controlled by the on-board microprocessor since the charge current will flow direct to the battery via the main isolator switch. If an external voltage regulator is not used there is a risk of overcharging and damaging the battery.

  • Why is the time remaining value often different to the actual time taken?

    The predicted time remaining value is an estimate only. The time prediction is affected by many variables such as temperature, battery age and battery type and it is impossible for it to be completely accurate but it is a useful guide.

  • Is it possible for the Engel Smart Battery Box to power a device if it is turned off at the control panel?

    Yes, it is, since the various output socket are connected direct to the battery via the main isolator switch and not via the smart charger. However it will not be possible to determine the battery voltage or the time remaining if this is done.

  • Can I run two fridges from the battery box? One by 38 litre & one 60 litre.

    Hi John, this Engel Battery Box can house batteries up to around 130Amp Hour in size. 

    In relation to RV 12 volt fridges, obviously it depends on the make and model in regards to exact power draw, but from our range of Caravan / Camping fridges, the average current draw (on DEC power) is around 0.5 to 2.5 Amp hours / hour, depending on ambient temperature and fridge-freezer temperature settings. Using that approximate information, you can calculate how long your battery (depending on its capacity) will run your fridges before having to re-charge. 

    Many thanks 

  • Can I charge the battery and power a device at the same time?

    Yes, the Engel Smart Battery Box is designed to do this.

  • Why doesn't my Engel Smart Battery Box go into charge cycle?

    AC adaptor could be blown and needs replacing.

  • My caravan fridge needs to be powered during driving times while the gas option cannnot be used. The caravan battery is draining down during driving times whilst powering he fridge. This leaves a partially drained battery on arrival at off grid sites. Can

    Hi There,

    Generally three way fridges are powered from the alternator when the vehicle is moving. This is the most efficient way to power a three way fridge when the vehicle is in motion.

    We would not recommend using a battery/battery box for a three way fridge.

  • To jump start a car, do I connect the jumper leads to the car, then to the side of the Engel box, leave an hour and then start the car, still with the leads connected?Just want to clarify the process before purchasing.

    Hi There,

    If you have a deep cycle battery in the box you will need to connect it to the vehicles battery and leave it for an hour. You want the deep cycle battery to be as close to full as possible.

    After an hour you would try to start the vehicle.

  • Can I plug two fridges in at once ?

    Hi there,

    That would depend on the connections the fridges use.

    The box has an Engel outlet, cigar socket, and 240V mains style connection

  • Can I connect my solar panel to the battery box via the anderson plug port on the box, which would be utilizing the in built battery management system or do I still need to fit a separate external voltage regulator. ?Thanks

    Hi There,
    This is from the user manual regarding solar charging.

    You can charge the battery via the external terminals using a solar panel array. To
    do this the isolator switch must be in the ‘on’ position. The smart charge PCB will be
    bypassed with this configuration so there will be no control over battery voltage. It is
    important to use an external voltage regulator (not supplied) when using solar panels.
    The main data screen will show “external cycle” after a few minutes of charging. In this
    case the time left figure is not displayed and the normal charging stages are bypassed.


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