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Product Description

Dometic WAECO COOLPOWER RAPS44 IS THE NEW LONG LASTING PORTABLE 12 VOLT BATTERY. The Dometic WAECO CoolPower RAPS44 portable heavy duty12 volt battery is the ideal choice for running a portablecompressor fridge/freezer for long periods of time.

Like the RAPS36, the upgraded version RAPS44 is a genuine Dometic WAECO manufactured rugged deep cycleportable 12 volt battery pack with superior discharge/charging cycle capability and now with 44 amp hours.

Specifically designed to run Dometic WAECO compressor fridge/freezers, it has the benefits of dual battery systems that are normally fitted permanently into cars, 4WD’s, trucks and boats, except that it is portable for added flexability and convenience.

Designed for portability with an ergonomic handle, the CoolPower RAPS44 is easy to take camping and set up alongside the Dometic WAECO portable fridge/freezer anytime and anywhere.

Genuine Dometic WAECO manufactured rugged deep-cycle battery with superior discharge/charging cycle capability.

Features include cigarette and hella style sockets, digital volts display, empty and full LED lights at the press of a button, secure screw connection for your charging lead, + and - charging posts for easy connection to Dometic WAECO electronic chargers. The inside features genuine 44 Ah deep-cycle AGM battery cells, thick plates for reserve energy storing with high density active paste material and stronger acid than conventional car batteries for degradation resistance. These features allow for a longer life in deep-cycle applications, allowing you to run your fridge for longer without damaging the battery.

The RAPS44 works best with portable fridges up to around 65 litres in size.  For larger requirements, two RAPS44 units can be purchased and cradled together with the RAPS72 Battery Craddle Kit (See Accessory List above).

Quality Features:

  • Cigarette and hella output sockets.
  • Digital volts display.
  • Battery condition LED's/test button.
  • Secure screw connection charging socket.
  • 1.5 m charging lead.
  • Maximum charging current: 14.4 amps
Dometic Waeco Product Manual



Brand Dometic

GTIN 9331391007745

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category Power Packs

Product Type Battery pack, Heavy duty 12 volts. Genuine deep-cycle AGM battery cells.

Watt hours (Wh) 528

Amp hours (Ah) @ V 44

Dimensions 230 x 245 x 227 mm (WxHxD)

Weight (kg) 13.5


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Customer Reviews

Super value Review by
Just the thing to keep the fridge running overnight, without the hassle of wiring another battery/charger. The added benefit is portability.
(Posted on 11 December 2022)
Very pleased with the entire experience Review by
I have had the earlier model which I found to be very good in operation and reliability but as we all know batteries don’t last forever and that why I purchased a new one which after reading the information sheet this one is even better than the last one. I expect this one may last even longer than my last one
(Posted on 16 April 2021)
Great Experience Review by
I purchased a Waeco Battery. The price was best online and super fast delivery. What more can you ask for.
(Posted on 24 December 2020)
Very happy Review by
Couldn’t be happier keeps my fridge going continually.
(Posted on 6 April 2020)

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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • Could you tell me how long the charge would last with the Dometic waeco cool power raps44 battery for a 38 litre portable fridge?

    Hi there, the Dometic RAPS44 Battery will run the CFX-28 to CFX65 models for 36 - 40 hours as a fridge only. It will run them for 13 - 17 hours as a freezer only.

    * Run times are based on 32°C ambient temperature. The battery will provide longer run times at cooler ambient temperatures.

     Related to this; you might want to consider a portable solar panel to keep the battery charged whilst camping. Many thanks. 

  • The Evakool 160 watt solar panel, the Waeco battery pack and a portable fridge (say 30 litres) look like they would work together. Does the solar panel plug directly into the battery power pack? Will the solar panel generate power on cloudy days?

    The Evakool 160 watt solar panel, the Waeco battery pack and a portable fridge (say 30 litres) look like they would work together. Does the solar panel plug directly into the power pack? Will the solar panel generate power on cloudy days?

    Hi Ken, yes your solar panel will come with a Charge Controller is designed to provide fully regulated output for controlled charging from solar panels to Lead Acid, Sealed Lead Acid, AGM and Gel Batteries.
    Its best to use the solar panel to charge a battery, as opposed to running the fridge directly from the solar panel as voltage will drop if clouds come overhead for instance. The battery means your refrigerator keeps running even if the voltage output of the solar panel drops severely due to cloud cover. Thank you

  • At the end of the battery life can a replacement battery be bought and also what current capacity from the cigar socket is required

    Hi John,

    Yes replacement battery/s can be purchased from either Dometic or a retail battery outlet.

    Current capacity? If this is for charging the battery pack anything up to 16v so from a socket in a car it would be what the alternator can put out being around 13v to 14v and from a battery charger up to 16v.

    Or if you mean what size socket - minimum 10amp.

  • Can I connect to a car battery to keep it charged while driving like dual battery setup?

    Hi Michael, yes you can.  Thank you.


    Hi Steve,

    The RAPS44 can certainly be used in the way you require it.

    It comes with a cigaretter plug connection that screws in to the side of the battery pack, and plugs in to your vehicles 12V socket. This will charge the battery whilst the vehicle is running.

  • Hi can you purchase a 240v charging lead for these packs . And if so .. where from plse ?

    Hi There, 

    To charge the RAPS44 from mains power you would need to use a standard 240V battery charger. There is no 240V lead to charge this unit.

  • Hi,Do you need a solar charge controller for this item, or can it be connected directly to the solar panel.Thanks

    Hi There,

    If charging from solar you would require a regulator to prevent damage from occurring.

  • Does the battery power pack come with an Anderson plug to enable a solar panel to be plugged directly into it for recharging?

    Hi there,

    The RAPS44 has exposed terminals which allow you to connect alligator clips from your solar panel.

    Unfortunately there is no anderson plug connection.

  • Can I run a 12v compressor from a Raps44?If so how?Can I use alligator clips?

    Hi There,

    The use of a compressor with the RAPS44 is not something we have tested sorry.

    It may be worth speaking with Dometic Tech Support for confirmation if it will work. They can be contacted on 1800 21 21 21.

  • Can I use this to jump start my car?

    Hi There,

    These batteries cannot jump start a vehicle, sorry.

  • What are the top 5 features of the Dometic Waeco CoolPower RAPS44?

    Hi there,

    We believe the top 5 features of the Dometic Waeco CoolPower RAPS44 are:

    1. Compact (ideal for packing)
    2. Benefits of a dual battery systems that are permanently fitted into 4WD/Boats/Campers, but flexibility and convenience of being portable
    3. Can be recharged using solar panels
    4. Dual output sockets (12V and Hella)
    5. Perfect for powering Dometic CFX fridge range!
  • Can I run an electric outboard motor that uses alligator clips.

    Hi There,

    Without knowing the power consumption of the outboard motor we are unable to guarantee that this battery will power the motor.

  • Hi I have a slide on camper.If I run out of sun whilst camping can I connect the 44 Amp Dometic to the camper via a anderson plug to keep my dometic fridge and maybe 1 led light going for say 10 hours

    Hi There,

    Yes you could connect the battery up to support your fridge and light.

    The amount of run time will depend on how much power each of the above item draws.


  • Hi,Can you run a fridge and charge with solar panels at the same time or is it recommend to do this separately?

    Hi There,

    You can most certainly do both at the same time.

    This will not cause any issues provided everything is set up correctly.

  • How much does the unit weight?

    Hi There

    The unit weighs 13.5kg.

    Kind Regards

  • can i connect my solar panels with alligator clips to the waeco battery terminals for charging

    Hi There

    Yes you most certainly can connect your solar panel to the battery with alligator clips for charging.


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