Dometic S7P 27 mm Wall Window 1000 x 250 mm



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Product Description

Dometic S7P 27 mm Wall Window, Varied Dimensions, 1 year warranty. Extra side windows in the back are ideal for letting in natural light and creating a pleasant ambiance – especially useful when converting a panel van into a camper. This elegantly designed window does the job perfectly while also providing effective insulation and security.


  • Multi-locking system provides security against intruders
  • Powder-coated profiles for outstanding insulation
  • Double acrylic glazing
  • Double dark-tinted acrylic glazing
  • For walls 27 mm thick
  • Multi-locking system with friction hinges for secure closure


- Optional wall clips (see accessories list above) from 26 mm up to 43mm wall thickness

- see the required amount on each clip description - The internal trim is available in metre purchase (see accessories list above) and suggested metre to buy

Powder-coated aluminium profiles reduce the weight, guarantee excellent insulation and a high grade surface finish. Their unique design makes the aluminium windows a genuine alternative to polyurethane windows.

This Dometic S7P wall window looks great with its elegant design and flush-fitting pane. Designed for panel vans with curved or planar contours, it offers an optional available matching blinds system that provides shade and privacy when necessary. The dark-tinted double acrylic glazing and powder-coated profiles of the lightweight aluminium frame ensure excellent insulation and a smart surface finish. The window's multi-locking system with friction hinges guarantees secure closure and protects your vehicle and its contents from intruders. A genuine alternative to polyurethane windows – let there be light!


  • Item No: DOM070181 - S7P 27mm window 500 x 250mm - Ref No. 9104115616
  • Item No: DOM070170- S7P 27mm window 500 x 400mm - Ref No. 9104115605
  • Item No: DOM070171 - S7P 27mm window 510 x 510mm - Ref No. 9104115606
  • Item No: DOM070172 - S7P 27mm window 700 x 510mm - Ref No. 9104115607
  • Item No: DOM070173 - S7P 27mm window 700 x 900mm - Ref No. 9104115608
  • Item No: DOM070174 - S7P 27mm window 800 x 400mm - Ref No. 9104115609
  • Item No: DOM070175 - S7P 27mm window 800 x 450mm - Ref No. 9104115610
  • Item No: DOM070176 - S7P 27mm window 800 x 510mm - Ref No. 9104115611
  • Item No: DOM070177 - S7P 27mm window 900 x 500mm - Ref No. 9104115612
  • Item No: DOM070184 - S7P 27mm window 900 x 900mm - Ref No. 9104115619
  • Item No: DOM070182- S7P 27mm window 920 x 990mm - Ref No.9104115617
  • Item No: DOM070186 - S7P 27mm window 1000 x 250mm - Ref No. 9104115621
  • Item No: DOM070178S7P 27mm window 1000 x 510mm - Ref No. 9104115613
  • Item No: DOM070185 - S7P 27mm window 1100 x 450mm - Ref No. 9104115620
  • Item No: DOM070183 - S7P 27mm window 1180 x 575mm - Ref No. 9104115618
  • Item No: DOM070179- S7P 27mm window 1200 x 600mm - Ref No. 9104115614
  • Item No: DOM070180- S7P 27mm window 1300 x 510mm - Ref No. 9104115615
  • Item No: DOM070188- S7P 27mm window 1400 x 575mm - Ref No. 9104115623
  • Item No: DOM070187- S7P 27mm window 1570 x 575mm - Ref No. 9104115622 

Dometic S4 28 mm Window Installation Manua



Brand Dometic

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category RV Windows and Blinds

Model DOM070181, DOM070170, DOM070171, DOM070172, DOM070173, DOM070174, DOM070175, DOM070176, DOM070177, DOM070184, DOM070182, DOM070186, DOM070178, DOM0701

Model On Label S7 Windows 27 mm

Note Weight varies from 3kg - 10kg depending on dimensions. Various window dimensions are offered for your convenience

Product Description Wall Window

Customer Reviews

Good product but Dometic needs to fix their inform Review by
Really like the product, but have found the experience with Dometic to be confusing and full of holes. There is a massive lack of data available for these windows from Dometic, and even the information available on the Australian website is wrong. The Australian website only gives the information for one window size. So you are forced to try and find the information yourself from other sites. After hunting for information on the exact dimensions and where the dimensions are taken from (ie, they refer to cut out size, but then dont give the frame dimensions), I called dometic to see if I could get more information, or even visit there warehouse to get the info myself, but didn't get anywhere with that, so I decided I'd risk it and just order them. So i ordered the 4 windows I needed. 1 x 510x510 2 x 1000x250 1 x 1100x450 The different sizes of window vary in design as well, the taller windows have a chrome strut that stops at whatever angle you want (website says 3 fixed potions, so this is wrong), but then in the shallow windows they use a plastic strut with a spring ball bearing for it to be stopped in 3 positions (very weakly, I imagine rain falling on the open window would cause it to close). The window maximum opening angle is also different from window to window. They are advertised as opening 70 degrees, but they don't mention that the smaller windows only open to about 40 degrees because of the way they have mounted the smaller struts. So with the window open to its maximum angle, the panel of the window takes up more than half of the opening. If you want to open and look out the shallow windows from Bed and see the view, you are out of luck. So the long and short of this review - Pros - - Flush closing design cuts down on wind noise while driving - compared to the S4 windows, the required space for the frame is smaller, making it easier to put a bigger window in the same place Cons - - Lack of information - very small opening angle on the shallow windows, almost not worth it. I find Dometic to be a very fractured and difficult company to deal with, especially internationally where the same products seems to be given different model numbers and size whilst using the same images and installation guides.
(Posted on 9 June 2019)

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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • Does the stays (struts) come included with the windows or do I need to purchase it separately?

    Yes, they are included in the purchase of the window.

  • How far out do the 500x400 windows push out. Do they go to horizontal and how much extra does the screen cost.

    Hi There,

    They can be opened out to approximately 180 degrees, so horizontal.

    We do not currently sell the screen for these units sorry.

  • How do I best clean my caravan windows and skylight?

    Hi there,

    To best clean your caravan windows and skylight use a cleaning agent that is suitable for acrylic glass.

    Please note to never use aggressive cleaning agents such as glass cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, abrasives or washing-up liquid. Also, never use alcohol-containing cleaning agents. These cleaning agents can damage the glass.


  • hi,can these be installed on straight walls without a curve to them?? they suit my application but they keep referring to them as for curved walls.thanks

    Hi There

    Due to the way these windows are constructed they are designed to be installed on curved walls.

  • How can I identify which inner blind and screen I have?

    On select models you can identify the brand by the brand logo on the handle that separates the blind from the flyscreen. Alternatively, the outside of the window will have reference details printed on it that will help identify the brand and style of window.

  • My bus has a curved side. Is there windows available that have a curvature to match my bus wall?

    There are currently no windows in the Australian market that come with a curvature.


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