Dometic 2 Zone Induction Cooktop


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Product Description

Dometic 2 Zone Induction Cooktop, 3 Year Warranty. The Dometic 2 zone induction cooktop is a modern kitchen appliance that uses electromagnetic technology to heat cookware directly. Compared to the traditional gas or electric stovetops that transfer of heat indirectly through the burner. The induction cooktop generates an electromagnetic field that interacts with the magnetic material in the bottom of compatible cookware. This process creates heat directly in the cookware, making the cooking process faster and up to 25 to 50% more energy-efficient.


  • Sensor touch control
  • Power cord with Australia 10 A plug (No electrician required for installation)
  • White LED display
  • 9 Power setting including boost function for right zone
  • Auto safety switch off

The Benefits are:

  • Speed: reducing cooking times
  • Efficiency: there is minimal heat loss
  • Safety: The glass surface of the cooktops remain relatively cool to the touch, reducing the risk of burns
  • Precise control: precise temperature adjustments allowing for more accurate cooking


SKU 9620008712

Brand Dometic

GTIN 6975399591962

Warranty Period: 3 Years

Product Category RV Cooking Appliances

Total Power 2300W

Induction zones 1000W (Left), 1300W with Boost Function 1700W (Right)

Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 52.5 x 35 x 55

Cooking Zone Diameter 180mm

Voltage Volt/Frequency Hz 220-240V~, 50 Hz

Number of burners 2

Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • Does both burners produce the same heat output?

    No, the left burner produces 1000W while the right burner produces 1300W, with boost function of 1700W.

  • Can I DIY install this Cooktop?

    The electrical installation may only be carried out by authorized personnel.

  • What is the max wattage draw if I am using both zones on high at the same time?

    If using both zones on the highest setting (9) the average rate power will be 2300w in total. Zone 1 (left) 1000w and Zone 2 (right) 1300w. 

  • I want to use this induction cooktop on my battery system, what size inverter should I use?

    "If the device is intended to operate by inverter power, the inverter should have a minimum continuous out put rating of at least 2300 W and be connected to a lithium battery bank with a battery management system that is capable to apply the necessary loads".

  • I have a 2000w inverter can I still use this induction cooktop?

    "If you are using an inverter with a power output of less than 2000 W, only one induction zone should be used at a time".


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