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When you buy a PowerLink Generator, you know you are getting an exceptionally durable power solution. PowerLink diesel generator sets are perfect to run under prime and continuous modes for a stable and reliable power supply. With sizes from 10kVA up to 88kVA, our best-selling PowerLink generator range includes soundproof diesel generators with exceptional features. Check these out below.


PowerLink Group is renowned for its high-quality design and production of high-quality diesel power products, and is recognised as a rapidly growing, innovative power product manufacturer in the industry.

Get Value With Exceptional Powerlink Generator Features

All PowerLink generators in our best-sellers are equipped with a soundproof steel canopy to minimise noise levels and provide protection from the elements, making them ideal for outdoor installations. There are lockable doors for easy access and convenience during maintenance. You’ll also find 24-hour fuel tanks across most of the range, so you can keep your business running for longer without needing to refuel. PowerLink generators are equipped with world-class engines from Kubota or Perkins, depending on the model. One of the top features of a Powerlink generator is the fast start-up and strong sudden load-unload capability. This makes it a reliable choice for prime or standby power in various commercial and industrial applications.