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Having a good quality icebox or cooler is essential when packing for your camping or caravanning adventure. Our range of myCOOLMAN iceboxes are just what you need to store your cold items when heading into the great outdoors.


Choosing The Best Mycoolman Icebox:

When selecting which icebox to buy, you should think about how long you’ll be gone for, what type of food or drink will you be storing, and how many people will you be travelling with. This will help to determine exactly which icebox is best for you.

If you’re looking for a great quality cooler, a myCOOLMAN icebox could be a good option. These iceboxes feature options that include removable hardbody liners with smart shelf systems that allow you to keep hard items like drinks separate from softer items (like sandwiches or fruit) to prevent them from getting crushed. myCOOLMAN icebox exteriors are constructed from tough, water and stain-resistant materials and feature handy accessory pockets. With their ‘Deep Freeze’ high performance insulation, myCOOLMAN iceboxes can keep ice for three days, so there’s no worries about your beers getting too warm when you decide to take the odd side trip and go off-grid.

Check out our range of myCOOLMAN iceboxes today and get yourself set whatever your adventure.