Medium 3 Phase Petrol Generators (11kva to 13kva)

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These 3 phase generators are generally used in farming, household, worksite and workshop applications. If you want a 3 phase generator that’s up to the task, you’re sure to find the right product in our online store.

Excellent Power For The Farm or Worksite

Need a power supply to get you through the day? A medium 3 phase petrol generator can supply the electricity that you need, from 11kVA to 13kVA. We stock many brands of 3 phase generators so you can find a product that suits your requirements and budget. Looking for a seriously robust generator you can rely on? Choose a Honda Australia approved generator from Gentech, Dunlite, Powerlite or Genelite.

Petrol Powered For Convenience

These 3 phase generators run on petrol and offer top rate performance. Some of our brands are Powerlite, Genelite, Dunlite and Gentech. We know it’s important to have a reliable source of power. That’s why you’ll feel confident when you have a 3 phase generator on site or out on the farm. Especially when you choose one with a long-range fuel tank. But that’s not the limit of where these power generators can be applied. Use them in the workshop or at home, too.

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