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Get the advantage of top-quality cooling performance from your fridge with an air evaporator. We stock a range of Dometic air evaporators that provide real value for money. With the circulating air evaporator, your fridge will operate with minimal power consumption, even if you have a larger fridge capacity or are operating the fridge in high ambient temperatures. The air evaporators are ideal for installation in chest and upright refrigerators.


Dometic Air Evaporators for Your Fridge

You want only the best cooling performance from your fridge. That’s why the Dometic air evaporators are a great choice. These units are great value for money and are best suited to chest and upright fridges.

Dometic Air Evaporators for Your Freezer

Struggling to find an air evaporator for your freezer? Your search stops here! The Dometic Cold Machine VD-16 Air Deep-Freeze Evaporator is tailormade for deep freezing! It promises optimal cooling at minimal power consumption. Enjoy the ease of a continuously variable temperature control via thermostat and self-sealing valve couplings for easy installation. It’s these small innovations that make Dometic the number one choice for air evaporators. Dometic air evaporators come with a 1-year warranty as standard.

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