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Get the latest in portable solar and power products for campaign and travelling with Goal Zero. Made out of necessity, Goal Zero is carving a unique path with its high-quality, sustainable and user-friendly products for all types of outdoor adventures.


Why choose Goal Zero?


Goal Zero products certainly pack a punch in the power department. Take the Goal Zero Yeti Power Packs. These quiet, portable power packs are ideal for camping, cabins and unexpected outages. Goal Zero Yeti has been designed to make it easy to live life off the grid, camp in comfort, or power through an outage. Pair it with Goal Zero solar panels to harness the sun’s rays and sustain you off-grid indefinitely.


Goal Zero: The Best Portable Power Packs for Camping?


With products like Goal Zero Yeti, it’s little wonder the name Goal Zero has become synonymous with innovative portable power solutions across Australia and worldwide.

Shop the best of the Goal Zero Yeti and solar panels online at My Generator. Just choose a package to suit your adventure needs and let us take care of the rest.