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Whether you want to clean the deck, wash down paint areas or give the driveaway a high pressure clean, Gerni pressure washers, now known as Nilfisk pressure washers, are designed for the task.With a full range to choose from, check out our Gerni pressure washer best sellers and find the right pressure washer for your application.

Gerni is a brand of Nilfisk, one of the world's renowned manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment. With headquarters in Denmark, Nilfisk has manufacturing facilities in 38 countries around the world. Gerni pressure washers have been leading the market for over 50 years, giving home DIY jobs and commercial cleaning jobs effortless sparkle.

Gerni Pressure Washers Are Now Nilfisk

If you’re looking for a Gerni Pressure washer, your search stops here. This famous brand has now rebranded as Nilfisk. With every pressure washer in this best selling range, you’re guaranteed superior cleaning results, saved time and lower costs. Commercial jobs are made easy with the new Nilfisk Electric Pressure Washer with increased power, a new design and a unique and fast foam sprayer system. The Nilfisk range also features a Three Phase industrial class cold water pressure washer for applications in the heavy agriculture, shipping, transport, and food industries. Check out our wide range of Gerni Pressure Washers, aka Nilfisk pressure washers right here.