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Food Van Generators: What’s cooking?

Food vans/trucks are serving up big business in cities and suburbs across Australia. Tacos, gumbos, curry, burgers, coffee; if you can eat it, you can probably find a food truck serving it.

Portable generators provide the power behind many of these food truck businesses. The right electric generator means, as long as the customers are queuing, the food trucks can keep cooking. 

The best type of generator for a food van is an Inverter Generator. Rather than the heavy alternator found in conventional generators, inverter generators incorporate a lightweight microprocessor that provides a stable sine wave energy that is ideal for food vans.

Available a whole range of sizes to suit different uses, inverter generators are packed with features that make them a great choice for food vans:

1. Clean quality power is important. This provides the peace of mind that there won’t be any spikes or surges, so you can power more sensitive equipment that you wouldn’t normally trust to a generator, such as laptops and tablets.

2. Portable and lightweight designs. Inverter generators are not only easier to move into and out of the van, but won’t take up much space when you’re on the road. This means you have more room for all the food and supplies that bring the money in.  

3. Economical with fuel. This is must-have for food trucks where you want a longer running time without the need for emergency refuelling stops. In an inverter generator, the engine speed automatically adjusts in direct proportion to the load applied. This means the generator maximises the fuel efficiency while maintaining 240V (50 cycles) supply. More power for less money means bigger profits.

4. Less noise. Whether you’re cruising the streets or parked in the city, your food truck business needs a generator that isn’t disruptive to you and your customers. Inverter generators are quieter than conventional generators and many are fitted with sound-proofed casing, insulators and mufflers.

Check out this customer video of a food van operator discussing the use of portable generators to run his business:

Food Van operator provides a product review of the Yamaha EF2000IS


So to power up your kitchen on the go, check out our inverter generator range!