Flexible Solar Panel Bundles

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Sunman eArc 2 x 175W Flexible Solar Panel

Sunman eArc 2 x 175W Flexible Solar Panel, 5 Year Warranty

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Are you looking to add solar panels to your caravan, campervan or even boat but don’t have a flat surface to install them on? Don’t fret. We sell flexible solar panel kits that can be bent up to 30 degrees. We sell a range of flexible solar panel kits from Century and Sunman to meet your power needs and budget.


What Is A Flexible Solar Panel Kit?

What makes flexible solar panels different from other panels? It’s all in how they bend. Other solar panels are rigid in structure, which means they can only be fitted in certain spots. But flexible solar panels can bend to around 30 degrees if needed! This makes them a great option for caravans, campervans, and RVs with curved roofs, and even yachts. And because a flexible solar panel kit doesn’t have heavy, rigid mounting frames or glass, it is an extremely lightweight solution.

Choose Your Flexible Solar Panel Kit

Our range of Century and Sunman will meet all your power and budget requirements. For a complete bundle, our Century kits come with an AGM deep cycle battery, eARC flexible solar panel and massive 5 year warranty. The Sunman flexible solar panel kits come with solar panels and wiring to connect to the Enerdrive DC to DC charger or Victron charger in your caravan.