Dual Battery Kits

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Nothing spoils an off road adventure like a flat battery, that’s why having a dual battery kit installed in your 4x4 is a no brainer!

How Does A Dual Battery Kit Work?

A dual battery kit separates your starter battery and auxiliary battery for safe charging. It has two purposes:

  • Allows the auxiliary battery to charge from the alternator while the vehicle is running.

  • Protects the start battery from discharging when the engine is off.

A Dual Battery Kit Recommendation:

We strongly recommend buying a dual battery kit from a reputable brand such as Enerdrive or Redarc. Both brands have built a strong reputation for high quality products with advanced technology. Not only that, but they also offer comprehensive warranties and national service agent support.

Redarc’s Smart Start SBI Dual Battery Isolator & Wiring Kit is a market favourite for DIY’s – doesn’t require any crimping or soldering, just simply plug in and play!