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Great Whites 15 LED Attack Driving Light Bar

Great Whites 15 LED Attack Driving Light Bar, 3 Year Warranty

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Illuminate the way with LED driving lights for your 4WD.

We’ve chosen the best of the best LED driving lights for Australian market. So, you can be confident you are getting outstanding performance, reliability and durability without the hefty price tag.

Made to Last

LED driving lights from Narva, Great White and Thunder are made to last in harsh Australian conditions. Choose lights constructed from the toughest materials, such as extruded die cast aluminium housing, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lenses, industrial strength bracketry and even marine grade coating.

Every light is tested to ensure it will withstand the dust, vibrations and extreme temperatures you’re sure to encounter on your adventures.

Planning on river crossings? Choose an LED driving light with water resistance.

Incredible Light Output

Whether you choose round LED lights or strip LED lights, our range of LED driving lights use the latest technology to generate a dazzling light output. You can buy strip lights that give out a massive 27,000 lumens!