Inflatable Tents

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Provide ultimate comfort for your family on camping adventures with an inflatable tent. Dometic’s new range of inflatable tents feature a wide selection of designs and sizes to suit your camping adventures.


What Makes an Inflatable Tent Different from Other Tents?

It comes down to the inflatable poles. You just pump them up without worrying about rigid poles bending and breaking. Inflatable tents are faster and easier to set up and boast greater strength, better wind resistance, and easy repair.

Dometic inflatable tents are designed for Aussie conditions. They provide maximum ventilation, air flow and breathability so you don’t have to worry a hot, sweaty night in a tent with no airflow.

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The exciting range of Dometic inflatable tents includes 4-person and 6-person tents in different styles. Every tent is packed with features to meet the needs of everyone from beginner campers to weekend warriors.

Want to house a large family? Dometic offers spacious inflatable tents with plenty of standing room and some of the widest bedrooms you’ll find. Want a tent with a porch? Choose the Stradbroke series in 4-person or 6-person, or the Daydream 6-person inflatable tent. Need something smaller? Check out the Hayman series with smaller tents for up to 4 people.

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