Inflatable Awnings

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Dometic offers an extensive range of campervan, motorhome, and SUV awnings to give you extended space on the side or rear of your vehicle. Features include innovative inflatable AirPole technology which makes them sturdy and easy to set up, flyscreens and durable material.


Create the ultimate outdoor living space that all your friends and family can enjoy with a Dometic inflatable annex.

Why Buy an Dometic Inflatable Annex?

These models are designed with innovative inflatable AirPole technology, making them sturdy and easy to set up. They also include flyscreens and are made from durable material, meaning you’ll be using them on camping trips for years to come.

Choose the Right Dometic Inflatable Annex for Your Vehicle

Got a campervan? The Dometic Sunshine AIR Po VW is a great option. For motorhomes, Dometic has designed the Rally static awning, which comes in 2600mm wide or 3300mm wide options. Sometimes you want to leave the awning standing while you move your motorhome. Dometic has it covered with the Rally Driveaway awning range in both 2600 and 3300mm options. For daytrips and camping trips where you want to add living space to your vehicle, look to the Dometic inflatable annex for SUVs: The Tailgater. Zip it up and drive away!

Whichever Dometic inflatable annex you buy, you get a one-year warranty and a pump. That’s great value! Shop Dometic awnings at My Generator today.