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Diesel Inverter Generators

Diesel Inverter Generators

Diesel Inverter Generators

The Diesel Inverter Series is the ideal power source for people powering sensitive equipment. This range comprises the latest in Inverter technology and produce the purest power of all and their control system maintains an extremely high accuracy level of voltage. These units are perfect for sensitive electronics and are a common type of generator for domestic and commerical applications.

Our range of Diesel Inverter Generators provide super quiet operation with noise reducing casing and acoustic paneling. This Series automatically adjusts engine speed to the optimum level, given the usage load meaning greater fuel efficiency.

How does a diesel inverter generator work? Rather than the heavy alternator found in conventional generators, this type of generator uses a lightweight microprocessor, or inverter. The motor produces DC power, which the inverter then converts into 3-phase AC power at high frequency. The electrical output is then converted back to DC power, resulting in a stable sine-wave delivery. The clean power is free from surges or “spikes”, making it perfect for safely powering more sensitive electronics such as laptops, as well as motorised equipment.

When you choose an inverter generator, you benefit from greater efficiency, less noise and a more compact, lighter unit. Together with the advantages of diesel fuel, this means you can enjoy the best economy of use available from a generator set. Look for a set with a long-range fuel tank for an even longer running time.

Inverter technology also allows the engine speed to be adjusted proportional to the load. Because the generators do not constantly run at full speed, they are quieter than conventional diesel generators. What’s more, many now incorporate insulators, soundproofed casing, and mufflers to reduce the noise level further.

Because of their efficiency, diesel inverter generators are ultra-light and compact, making them perfect for portable use on campsites and worksites. Choose a generator that is designed especially for easy transportation, such as wheels and lifting handles.

Diesel generators typically come packed with tough design and safety features making them a great choice for worksites. This might include automatic low-oil and tipping shutdown, AC overload protection, heavy-duty protective covering, and sound proofing panels.

As with any generator, make sure you choose the right size for all your power needs. Inverter generators are typically not suited to heavy industrial and mining applications, but are more than sufficient for worksites, domestic and recreational use – so long as you select the right size.