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Diesel Generators

Diesel Generators

Diesel Generators

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Diesel Generators are well known for typically lasting longer than their Petrol counterparts and are considered more fuel efficient. They normally run at lower RPM and produce more torque at lower speeds thus increasing engine life and lowering noise. Due to the fuel type, they are considered safer than Petrol Generators and may be a prerequisite on some job sites.

Navigating the Portable Diesel Range is easy...

Simply select the category type: Conventional, AVR, Inverter, WorkCover ApprovedWelder or Three Phase located to the left of page.

Larger Stationary Diesel sets for Commercial/Industrial Prime and Standby power are available in our Stationary Generator range, from 8kVA up to 2 Megawatt.

Because diesel is a light-grade fuel, there is less friction for engine components. This means less wear and tear, and less maintenance, in the long run, so you can enjoy smooth power for longer.

The great news is that portable diesel generators are also now quieter than ever. Most models now incorporate soundproofing and muffler systems so that you can run the generator without disturbing the neighbours. This is particularly important for recreational and domestic use, such as when you’re using the generator to power a campsite, worksite, event, or around the home. If you have special requirements regarding noise levels, compare the rated decibel output levels of your preferred portable generators to work out which will best satisfy your needs.

Like their petrol equivalents, portable diesel generators come in a range of models to suit various applications. Portable generators are perhaps the most versatile of all, with the ability to provide power to the most remote locations. Construction sites, camping grounds, worksites; diesel generators are a great solution wherever you need power. It is also the generator of choice for offices and homes, providing back-up power you can count on during a power outage.

For worksites, most units are built tough with features such a fully welded frame and heavy-duty anti-vibration mounts. Better yet, some can be customised for Australian WorkCover requirements to include features such as front wheels, a lifting bar and handle for easy transport, two weatherproof outlets, earth leakage protection, a circuit breaker and earth spike.

Browse the diesel generators from a range of manufacturers, including Advanced Power, Hyundai, Gen Power, Crommelins and Subaru. For extra peace of mind, look for a generator with a manufacturers and engine warranty.

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