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Golz 14" Floor Saw

Golz 14" Floor Saw, 1 Year Warranty

$3,299 RRP: $3,591 Save: $292

Here at My Generator, we offer a great range of concreting and compacting equipment from top brands like Reo Mech, Rapid Tool, Crommelins, and Ammann. Looking for a bargain? Check out the models on sale below!




Concrete finishing is an important step in the concrete laying process. Check out our range of trowel machines for sale to help you achieve a top-quality finish. Also known as power floats, trowel machines apply a smooth finish to concrete slabs and assist in the process of removing the residual water to ensure a consistent finish. There’s no one size fits all machine when it comes to trowel machines, so it helps to know exactly what you’re after before checking out our trowel machines for sale. Thinking about site access, any potential obstacles and access to plumbing will help to determine the best trowel machine for the job at hand.


Find The Right Trowel Machine for The Job



The range of trowel machines for sale at My Generator includes ride on and walk-behind models, as well as diesel- and petrol-powered options. Check out the Crommelins Diesel Power Trowel which features ergonomic handles for ease of control, a heavy-duty lifting bar and an advanced blade design to ensure a long life and accuracy. Alternatively, the Crommelins 40” petrol concrete trowel machine for sale is perfect for medium sized jobs and allows for steady quick concrete finishing before it goes off.



Search the trowel machines for sale at My Generator today and take the next step to smooth, bump-free concrete finishing.