Light Switches

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Complete your lighting system with the right caravan light switches. Our range of caravan light switches from Narva and Thunder will make it easy to personalise your lighting.


Caravan Light Switches for Every Design

When it comes to creating the perfect light system for your caravan, it pays to get the right caravan light switches to match. That’s why we offer a range of caravan light switches with stylish designs to suit modern interiors.

Whether you want to complement a sleek design or want the ease of a touch switch, check out our range of touch sensitive caravan light switches. Simply mount them to the interior surface and enjoy the streamlined look and feel.

Personalise Your Lighting System

Create the ambience you want with a dimming switch to match. Just like at home, choose a bright light for when you’re cooking then enjoy a softer light later on. Some lamps include a touch switch with blue night light so you can always find the switch when you need it! Or for something special, choose the Thunder LED mirror lights. The chrome fittings complement the mirror finish with the centre panel acting as a multi-function touch switch.

Create lighting magic with a caravan light switch.