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Kohler has manufactured industrial three phase diesel generators for more than 90 years. In fact, American explorer Admiral Richard Byrd used a Kohler generator during his epic expedition to Antarctica in 1929. Admiral Byrd and his crew used their Kohler generator as their sole source of power in sub-zero, icy conditions. How incredible is that?

Kohler Generators:

Today, Kohler generators are used to power nearly every application from petrol stations to hospitals, and military operations to airports. Ranging from 16kVA up to 830kVA, Kohler generators are ready to power up almost every application. Every part is built to perform in the most demanding conditions with impressive security. Kohler generator are renowned for their unmatched response time to utility power fail. Plus, these units are surprisingly quiet for a generator, even when powering an entire building. Rest assured that your Kohler generator is a tough piece of gear, ready to power up when you need it most.