Best Petrol Pressure Washer Models

Looking for the best petrol pressure washer for your home or business? Don't open your wallet until you've checked our list of awesome contenders. Here we've done the heavy lifting for you; by both testing and gathering customer reviews of the best petrol pressure washer models available.

Petrol Pressure Washers are commonly found on construction sites, farms, rural properties and in transport yards.

If you are serious about getting quality results, a petrol pressure washer is a solid choice. Compared to electric models, petrol pressure washers are excellent for heavier duty, outdoor tasks and obviously on unpowered work/farm sites. They tend to be noisier than their electric counterparts, but they also generally pack more grunt, which means they can get the job done faster. And because you don't need to be near a power outlet, you're free to move around from job to job. Just remember that petrol pressure washers emit carbon dioxide, so they are not suited for indoor use.

Okay, so which petrol pressure washer should you go for?:


BEST FOR THE HOME: Gerni Super 145.3 Works

Gerni is a name that Australians have known and relied upon for premium cleaning equipment for over 50 years.

Weighing in at a only 20.5 Kg, this is the best portable commercially graded pressure washer for at home. With a large 8.3L/min flow rate, combined with 2100 psi the Gerni Super 145.3 is the ultimate combination for all domestic applications, from tough stained concrete driveways, to boat, dirt bike or caravan cleaning. With more accessories than most other pressure washers its class, you can't beat it.

2020 Update:

Unfortunately Gerni pressure washers are no longer available, we instead recommend the Stanley 2500PSI Petrol Pressure Washer. This pressure washer features a 4HP 4 stroke engine and has a flow rate of 7 litres per minute, with 2500 PSI. This making the unit the perfect tool for around the house!

It comes with five interchangeable nozzles and a integrated 3 litre detergent bottle. Plus a 2 year warranty for peace of mind!

Staney Petrol Pressure Washers


BEST FOR BUSINESS: Jetwave Hornet, Petrol GX Honda Pressure Washer, 3600PSI

The Jetwave Hornet is often the petrol pressure washer of choice for farmers and builders, as well as the agribusiness and transport industries, particularly where access to electrical power is a challenge.

Jetwave Hornet, Petrol GX Honda Pressure Washer, 3600PSI

We're talking about a 3480 PSI pump pressure with a 15 litre/minute flow rate. Note the Professional Italian triplex Interpump which delivers performance and longer life. You also get the Jetwave Safety System (JSS) thermal valve to prevent overheating in excessive bypass and over pressurisation making every job effortless.

Why we like it?: Everything about it is heavy duty. The fact you have a brass washable inlet water filter, as well as a Honda GX390 engine means you're getting an extremely tough machine built to handle any job site.



If you're after something that will make light work of washing driveways as well as lighter commercial tasks, like cleaning shop fronts, or general business maintenance, the Crommelins 2700PSI has it covered. Australian through and through, the Crommelins 2700psi petrol pressure washer is powered by a 7.0hp Robin engine, which means you get a constant rpm and a continuous 11.4 litre/minute flow rate.

Highlights include the 10-metre braided hose, heavy-duty gun and four spray nozzles which can be quickly and easily fitted onto the steel lance. The handy trolley frame, with hose holders, gun hook and front bumper, makes it easy to move around. And you can remove the handle for transport and storage. Add on the 3-year engine warranty, 2-year manufacturer warranty and 1-year pressure pump warranty (phew!).

Why we like it?: Much like the Jetwave option above, the fact its powered by a leading engine brand like Robin means you get great peace of mind for reliability and after sale service support if required. A popular petrol pressure washer model for farms and rural applications.

The Crommelins Subaru 2700psi Pressure Washer is a popular choice for larger home jobs, rural properties and general farm cleaning tasks.

2020 Update:

We have a new all-rounder that we know you'll love as much as we do! The Powershot PS3000HD, Petrol Honda Pressure Washer, 3000PSI is powered by a genuine Honda GX200 OHV industrial engine and
Heavy Duty CAT pump, so you can rest safe knowing you have invested in a high quality and heavy duty pressure washer.

This pressure washer comes with a brass pump head, 5 nozzles, trigger gun and low pressure detergent. Plus it has a 15m steel braided high pressure hose, making it the perfect pressure washer for any application!

The Powershot PS3000HD is the perfect all-rounder petrol pressure washer!

Looking for an electric powered pressure washer? Check out the best options HERE.

If you have any questions on the above or any other pressure washer related queries, feel free to contact us on email or via phone on 1300 400 122 to speak to one of our friendly experts!


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

3 thoughts on Best Petrol Pressure Washer Models

1 November 2017
Decent list, check out for some other models to check out.

6 November 2016
Hi, I use hammelmann made high pressure pumps.. suggest you to have a look

24 May 2016
What adaptor/accessory would you recommend to go with a petrol pressure washer for cleaning large concrete areas? Some parts of our property have significant concrete build up.

My Generator Response
Hi Ben, For larger concrete areas, look for a nozzle know as a turbo nozzle / turbohammer / powerspeed nozzle - These nozzles will spin a zero degree spray in a wider circle at 3000 rotations per minute. The spinning water jet hits the surface area from multiple angles, quickly breaking down caked-on dirt and grime. As a result, turbo nozzles can cut cleaning time drastically. Excellent for larger concrete areas and for particularly tough to clean surfaces. Some pressure washer models come with this kind of nozzle, whilst for other models you'll need to add it as an optional accessory. Thanks!

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