Enerdrive Review: The Australian Brand Leading the Way in 12V Products

Enerdrive is leading the way in 12V products. But who are they? Should you choose them over other brands? Our Enerdrive review has the answers. First things first...


Who Is Enerdrive?

Enerdrive was actually born out of another company called Advance Trident Limited, which mainly served the marine industry. Then, in 2008, Australian businessman Chris McClellan led a management buyout and changed the name and direction of the company.

This was the beginning of Enerdrive as we know it today. McClellan's background was mobile power for boats and caravans, and his passion gave the business the direction it needed to become a leading supplier of independent power products.

As well as sourcing world-class products from companies like Delta Q, Morningstar, Blue Sea Systems, TBS Electronics and Xantrex, Enerdrive now designs and manufactures its own line of independent power products. This includes its eLITE & ePRO battery monitors, Dual Battery kits, Magnasine Inverter Chargers and ePOWER battery chargers.

Deep Dive Into the Enerdrive Facility


But what's really exciting is how the company is at the leading edge of lithium battery systems in Australia, something that will surely fuel its growth in years to come.


How Is Enerdrive Leading The Way?

The Masters Of Lithium

We love a company that takes charge ('scuse the pun) when it comes to innovation. And that's exactly what Enerdrive is doing with lithium batteries. They've spent a decade researching, designing and testing lithium batteries and charging systems.

Why lithium? Put it this way, lithium technology is a super-efficient and lightweight portable power source. Lithium batteries boast lower discharge rates, faster recharging and a greater charge cycle life (around 3 times that of AGM batteries).

This makes them a great choice for hardcore off-road campers and extended periods off the grid. In fact, off-road caravans can shed up to 100kg by using smaller and lighter lithium batteries.

All Enerdrive's lithium batteries include a battery management system, which is designed to monitor and optimise each Prismatic cell within the battery during normal operation. This protects the battery pack from over charge, over discharge, over temperature and short circuit.

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Innovative Technology:

Enerdrive are known for their leading and ground breaking technology, regularly setting new standards for electronics in the 4x4 and caravan RV market. In 2020, Enerdrive released their new canopy systems, which include four compact power solutions designed to operate all of the electrical equipment located in the back of 4WD's. This type of technology has never been done in the market before!

These pre-wired systems are built in a unique compact box and are designed to sit against the front or rear of the vehicles canopy. Customer's also have the choice between the driver or passenger side installation (and some models also have the option for roof mount installation) upon ordering.

Any brand or type of battery are suitable with these systems including Gel, AGM, Wet Sealed and Lithium! Best of all, three of the four systems can be customized with three different battery monitor options (talk about flexibility!).


Let us introduce you to the four systems:

1. The Explorer:

The Explorer is a suitable option for consumers who only require minimum power in their setup. The package includes:

  • 40A DC to DC charger

  • 1x Battery Monitor
    (customer has the choice between an ePRO Plus battery monitor, Simarine battery monitor or Simarine Battery Monitor & Quad Shunt Module)

  • 4x Pre-wired Circuit Breakers

  • 4 x Contura switches for Lights & Auxiliary loads

  • Pre-wired Battery & Fridge Anderson Plugs (Explorer & Traveller only)

  • Twin USB 2.4A Hi Amp sockets

  • Battery Reset button


2. The Traveller:

The Traveller is a suitable option for consumers requiring a higher level of power with AC charging ability. This system comes with all of the components in The Explorer plus the following:

3. The Adventurer:

The Adventurer is the ultimate power system for 4WD canopies! It includes all of the components in The Traveller plus the following:


4. The Lackey

The Lackey is a tradie power system perfect for on site power. The system includes:

  • 40A DC to DC charger

  • ePOWER 2000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter with RCD & AC Transfer Switch

  • 2 x Cig Socket Outputs, 1 x Merit Plug Output and 1 x Dual USB 2.4A output (User Selectable at time of order)

  • Low Battery Cutout DC Loads 60A

  • 175A Anderson Plug Battery Input

  • ePOWER DC2DC Charger 60A Output Circuit Breaker

  • Load Output 50A Circuit Breaker

  • Push Button Circuit Breakers for DC Output Sockets/USB

  • Ignition Input for Smart Alternator Equipped Vehicles

  • 3mm Aluminum Powder Coated Case Structure


Shop the entire Enerdrive 4WD Canopy Range here!

We also have to make special mention to the Enerdrive eSYSTEM DIY Boards, which are designed for the DIY handyman! These boards also come pre-wired and are mounted on a 12mm black plastic, water and rot resistant board.

Enerdrive have created six different variants with different components (from basic AC & DC charging, right up to kits with this plus an inverter and individual charge/load monitoring), layouts and sizes to fit every application!


High Quality Comes as Standard

Enerdrive's lithium battery set-ups are built to last. All components are designed to work together and are supplied and warranted by the brand. As of 2020, Enerdrive even offers a huge 5 year warranty on all of their products (excluding Xantrex)! And it's not just their batteries – everything is made to the highest quality.


Something For Everyone

Enerdrive may have started with marine solutions, but they now specialise in power solutions for Caravans, RVs, 4WDs, yachts and remote locations that need off-grid power.

You can get 12V, 24V and 36V options, batteries, battery chargers, solar panels, inverters, solar charge controllers, battery monitors and more. In short, there's something for every rig.

The products are so popular that the Enerdrive ePOWER 12V 40A DC to DC Battery Charger is the bestselling DC to DC battery charger on the market!


Easy Does It

Enerdrive gets it, they know that not everyone knows how to wire up systems to get the best power solution for their vehicle.

That's why they offer installation kits that include everything you could possibly need to install your battery/charger/solar panel.

Enerdrive also bundles up batteries and battery chargers into value packs that work out cheaper than buying them separately. And we love a bargain...!


Getting Smart With It

Ever wanted to monitor the status of your battery in real time? Enerdrive has created a Smart Phone Monitoring System that does exactly that. The app lets you monitor a ton of important stats, including the Battery Capacity, Battery Voltage, Individual Cell Voltage, Battery Current (Amps) and much more.

Enerdrive's Smart Phone Monitoring System


What Do Our Customer's Say?

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Why You'd Choose Another Brand Over Enerdrive

Despite the positives in our Enerdrive review, every brand has its drawbacks. Here are a few you should consider when weighing up brands:

  • Enerdrive doesn't offer AGM batteries though this is because lithium is proven to be better than AGM for most applications! Read our article on the best caravan batteries to find out why.

  • If you're looking for a portable power pack / battery? Enerdrive don't offer this, so you should look to another brand such as Goal Zero.

  • There are cheaper brands than Enerdrive. So, if it's cheap you're after, Enerdrive is not for you. But remember, cheaper brands mean fewer features, lower quality, less technology, and shorter warranties. Is that the compromise you're willing to make?


Our Enerdrive Review Verdict

As our Enerdrive review has shown, if you're looking for high quality, innovative power solutions from a trusted brand, you can't go past Enerdrive. Check out our Enerdrive product ranges online today.

Looking for an Enerdrive product to suit your needs? Give one of our product experts a call on 1300 400 122!


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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7 March 2024
Looking to find the charging parameters for this battery thanks,as i am updating my mppt charger.Appreciate your feedback .

My Generator Response
Hi John, the recommended charge current for max life is 20-60A pm the Enerdrive 125ah Lithium Battery

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