Bilge Pumps

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Need to remove unwanted water at the bottom of your bilge? Find a wide range of bilge pumps in our online store.

Bilge pumps are an essential piece of safety kit for any vessel. In many Australian states they are a legal requirement for boats over a certain length. My Generator stocks bilge pumps to meet your needs. Find fully automatic pumps with an automatic float switch which activates the pump when the water reaches a certain level, heavy duty pumps, submersible electric pumps, and more.

Quality First

We source our bilge pumps from trusted manufacturers to ensure a reliable, robust product as well as efficient performance. That’s why you can find bilge pumps from MTC, SPX Flow and Whale in our online store. Best of all, because we know that quality does not need to come with hefty price tag, we offer all our bilge pumps at very competitive prices.